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Theresa Honeywell: Knit My Bike!

How many of you can knit? That few? Well, knitting is slowly becoming a lost art in many corners of the world, something or grannies used to do on a rainy day, but surely that not many of you out there considered knitting a form of tuning. You thought wrong!

A DC native, by her name Theresa Honeywell must surely love bikes, or at least sympathizes with them being left out in the open all that time. Now that the cold season is upon us, what better way to keep you warm than a nice fuzzy scarf or a cheeky pair of mittens? And since we're talking that, how about one pair for your bike?

Theresa went all the way and decided to cover ALL the bike with knitting artwork. The result is a snug, though a little too pink for us, bike that sits in a museum right now, as part of the Honeywell's gallery. She specializes in reproducing tattoos in lace and also knits cozies over everyday items. In her collection right now is a jackhammer, a machine gun and this motorcycle.

We look forward to seeing a Lamborghini Gallardo covered in a cozy from head to toe, or at least a bad-looking muscle car, like say a GTO or may be a Mustang. For those of you who squint their eyes in art galleries but still don't get the picture (it's nothing to be ashamed at), the artist specifically chose the feminine colors and the macho pieces of hardware as it reflects on “manly arts with a feminine twist”.

Wonder if Valentino Rossi will commission her to do a special pink helmet for him next season.


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