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There’s a Reason for the Challenger Hellcat-Drifting Pennzoil Airlift Commercial: Joyride

Back in March, lubricant developer Pennzoil took us all by surprise, releasing a commercial featuring a Dodge Challenger Hellcat drifting all over Cape Town, South Africa. The company in now back in the saddle and willing to explain to us why they pulled such a stunt. How are they planning to do this? With the help of more Hellcat drifting, of course.
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The lubricant provider has just released a new video, which is a prequel to a new ad. Dubbed Joyride, the fresh commercial explains the reason behind all the tire-smoking action in the Airlift Drift ad. Not that one would need a reason to manhandle a 707 hp Mopar machine.

We are being threatened with a new series of films that will use the name mentioned above, but there’s a problem with it - we’ll have to wait until 2016 to get our kicks.

While we do that, we’ll remind you the Airlift drift ad saw the demonic kitten being wrestled into sideways by pro drifter Rhys Millen.

In his quest to smoke the rear tires, Millen didn’t have to rely on the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 alone. Oh no. The production team behind the clip had the Challenger fitted with a hydraulic handbrake.

Pro drifters often turn to such pieces of hardware during competitions, so Millen was only doing his job by using it in the Challenger. For one thing, the standard car comes with a foot-operated parking brake, which is simply impossible to use in drift-inducing or spin-correcting situations.

Patriots shouldn’t fret, the yellow Challenger Hellcat also did its thing over in Reno, Nevada. Back in August, a second ad was released. You can check out the sweet piece of footage here. Putting the pieces of this puzzle together, it all seems like a never-ending story, one that can only be brilliant.

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