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There’s A New 51-Inch Samson Exhaust For Your Harley-Davidson Cruiser

With five months remaining until April Fool’s Day, this incredible exhaust system has to be as real as it can get. Samson Exhausts has a new 51-inch Longtail 5150 Cholo Locos system for your Harley-Davidson cruiser and it looks ridonculous.
Samson 51-inch Longtail 5150 Cholo Locos 4 photos
Samson CholosSamson CholosSamson Cholos
Usually, you’d see this kind of exaggerated exhausts in Japan, and bosozoku fans know what I’m talking about. But Samson Exhausts are known for making such things in the U.S. right for the most-known American motorcycle brand - Harley-Davidson.

Previously available in lengths ranging from 33 to 48 inches, the king of fishtails has announced the new 51-inch Longtail 5150 Cholo Locos double exhausts for all Harley-Davidson Softail and Touring models, including the ones equipped with the all-new Milwaukee 8 V-twin unit.

As the company likes to say, “you’d have to be some sort of crazy to bolt pipes like this on your ride, hence the name “5150s” (Danger to property, danger to others, and danger to themselves…).”

“If you want genuine true dual experience, you need to go with the originator, Samson Exhaust. This custom made exhaust is designed and tuned to produce maximum horsepower, torque, and awesome sound. This system is ready to bolt on right out of the box.”

The true dual exhausts come in two finishes - Quad Chrome Plated or Sinister Ceramic Black - with all mounting hardware included. Samson says the kit will also improve gas mileage and is easy to install right in your garage.

The exhausts come with removable tips as well as removable baffles, but either the case, they provide a unique deep tone sound that almost sounds like a machine gun. A limited 1-year warranty is also part of the deal.

Price wise, the Cholos starts at $449.9 and go up to $1,359.9 for the huge 51-inch one compatible with the Milwaukee 8.


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