There Simply HAS to Be an Easier Way to Transport a Motorcycle

Now, there are innumerable ways to transport a motorcycle that is not allowed on the public roads, or nobody can ride it, or is defective. Some guys even trailer their bikes across the country to motorcycle rallies (for reasons that still elude us). Trailers and pickup trucks are the vehicles people use the most when it comes to moving a bike in another way than on its wheels.
Now, that's how you transport a bike! 1 photo
Photo: Facebook
However, we were not prepared for what Metzeler's official Facebook page showed us today. The whole thing is hard to describe, so we'll just say that we're dealing with a truck carrying a truck that carries a truck that carries a pickup that carries a motorcycle. And a treadmill.

Now, it's obvious that the bike is not there with the purpose of leaving people gasping for air on the highway. If anything, it looks like the large truck is hauling around these vehicles after they have been most likely sold.

It's not the first time we see two smaller trucks carried on the back of a larger one, but this sight left us a bit perplexed. We know there's elementary physics at play here, but this doesn't have anything to do with the degree of insanity of the picture.

Metzeler tells that the photo was taken somewhere in New Jersey. We're no NJ traffic law experts, but it doesn't take one to question the safety of this rig. We're positive that anyone who thought about building such a structure took their time to analyze the best way to secure the vehicles, taking into account turns, brakes, wind, and all.

And just when we were ready to finish this piece, another funny question popped: how on earth did they put these on top of each other, and how will they unload these vehicles? Provided that this bizarre rig reaches its destination safely, of course. We just cannot help remembering those funny crane fail videos on the internet...
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