There's a War Brewing Between Musk's Boring Company and Uber Air

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When he started the Boring Company, Musk said drilling tunnels underground offered the best way of adding a third dimension to the bi-dimensional traffic we have today.
The flat streets can only hold so many vehicles, so using the vertical axis as well should help relieve some of the stress on our aging infrastructure. But there are two ways in which you can go, and it looks like Elon Musk and Uber Air's Director of Engineering, Mark Moore, disagree on which is the best choice.

Musk went ahead and began working on the first tunnel near Los Angeles, and to back his vision even further, he made up a list of reasons why going underground was better than using flying vehicles. Well, his list has recently come under fire, and it was Mark Moore firing the shots.

During Michelin's Movin' On conference (where the French manufacturer presented an innovative tire concept called Vision, as a side note), Moore talked about his company's venture into airborne transportation and his personal view on the matter.

Naturally, his position clashed with Elon Musk's, so he even invited the CEO of the Boring Company to a debate on where the future of transportation lies: up in the sky or down below.

As interesting as such a discussion would be to watch, it certainly wouldn't be at all amusing, considering Moore's complete lack of a sense of humor, though. "Boring. Hmm. Not a good name for a company," he said during the conference, as quoted by AutoBlog Green. Not one for irony, then.

He then launched in a very literal analysis of one of Musk's previous comments regarding flying cars. The man from Palo Alto once said that "if somebody doesn't maintain their flying car, it could drop a hubcap and guillotine you." In response, Moore declared that "These are not flying cars. These are very sophisticated, electric, vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft. They don't even have hubcaps." Alright, but you kind of missed the point, though.

Uber - and Moore as well - believe that VTOL (vertical take of off and landing) aircraft are going to be the answer to medium distance trips (up to 60 miles) in the future, cutting journey times significantly and also easing up on the congestion down on the road. Not to mention it would give the passengers some incredible views, something the Boring Company can only dream of.
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