There's a Thin Red Line Between Sport and Crime

There's a Thin Red Line Between Sport and Crime 1 photo
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I may not be able to hide the indignation and disappointment throughout this editorial, and frankly, I am willing to take the blame, if need be. However, I feel like it's way better to speak the truth even if it may hurt some egos.
This time it's about those who believe that being a biker is something that makes them into ubermensch. Don't know the term? Look it up on the Internet and also do some more reading; reading's good for you.

No, being able to ride a bike does not make you a god. At least not the god some idiots believe they are. Riding a bike the way Mick Doohan did or Marc Marquez does now may make you a MotoGP legend, but not a super-being.

Topping Chris Pfeiffer's stunts and Pastrana's even more insane tricks is not a path to immortality, and neither will attach a noble title to your name.

And if all you do is simply ride and pop some wheelies and rev your R1 like you're trying to match the decibels the Big Bang had, you are even further from being super human.

Too bad that, when more delluded guys like the ones I'm thinking about get together, they're nursing each other's feeling of being awesome and, as we know, the larger the crowd, the more stupid it is.

Yep, I will be rather blunt, but it looks like that's the way things really have to be when dealing with such fellows. And felons in their ranks.

Yes, it's about groups like the Hollywood Stuntz and many more like them, I couldn't care less for their names, numbers, and skills. One thing I DO care about is road safety and law.

In the Manhattan Brawl case, Police sources have already mentioned a massive amount of 911 calls and the fact that the "ride" was an unauthorized street stunt event. This makes the attendants slightly cross the thin red line and kind of become law breakers, no further explanations needed.

The turn of events was bad for everyone, because in most of the cases that's how things are. Too bad that some people got hurt pretty badly in the affair, again with this outcome being rather easy to foresee by any people in their right mind.

Still, it's kind of a mystery for me why the Police did not go for the bikies after the 911 calls... but that is a completely different story, even though it could have prevented the fracas.

During the past week I combed the video aggregation websites and watched countless groups of bikers stunting on public roads, being chased by police cruisers and whatnot. In most of the cases it looked like the guys simply considered they owned the freaking road, and they are nothing like any decent parade would look like, Hells Angels or you local veteran RC.

Many videos have been reposted and they depict aggressive behavior from these so-called modern-day heroes, just like many of them go down and crash. Well, I believe that these guys should be taken off the streets.

And this doesn't have anything to do with the fear some of my friends expressed, namely that of being judged as a criminal when on a motorcycle.

Frankly, those who are so prejudiced and believe that any person on any motorbike is a potential criminal, is an idiot and I am not at all sorry to say this. I've kind of had it with all these morons, most of them being illiterate rednecks (the bad way) and passing their "valuable and well-founded" judgment upon matters they actually know nothing about.

I don't even think it's worth spending energy you otherwise get fromm an ice cream, burger, or beer trying to explain that not all motorcylists are criminals. They will always "know better" and there's no flying fudge given about them.

I would see these felons taken off the streets for the sake of road safety, public health expenses, money spent with paramedics, police forces, firefighters, and coroners. I would also see them off the streets to stop them from setting the ill example for others who wish to ride bikes.

What can be seen in hundreds of similar online videos are only packs of unruly motorcylists riding erratically, sometimes being a menace for other motorists, doing illegal stunts, causing police pursuits, and the list can go on for quite a long time. Check out some police reports if you need to refresh the charges list.

After the last editorial I got some "interesting" reactions. People "accusing" me for not being a biker because I did not support the thugs who beat Alexian Lien. People with little knowledge of what happened were quick to take sides and say the whole blame lies with Lien and calling all the rest who begged to differ names.

Dear supporters of such riding, instead of holding being a biker more than being a citizen who respects the rights of other (equal) citizens, you'd better start to see the thin line between motorcycling and crime.

There is exactly zero sport in the videos I mentioned, and a hefty dose of law-breaking, regardless of how cool you think you are. You are not cool, you are just like the rest of the guys you're tormenting with this behavior, and just like I am. The only difference is that you are the ones the police will be after.
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