There Are Botched Parking Jobs, and Then There's This Old Lady's Attempt

There's a very good reason parking the car is one of the things you must do to get your driver's license, but there's also a reason money was invented: to make bribing easier.
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Bad parking job going from awful to even worseBad parking job going from awful to even worseBad parking job going from awful to even worse
It's one thing trying to slip an envelope full of bills in a discreet fashion, and a completely different one if you've brought a live pig, a few pounds of potatoes and 35 cubic foot of firewood. Back in the days of barter, the examiners would need a truck to carry all the loot home at the end of the day.

Of course, we have no idea how exactly this lady got her license, and age is a factor that needs to be taken into account as well here, but you try and come up with a better explanation. Because it's not just that she can't park the car, it's that she very nearly turned this seemingly simple maneuver that people do billions of time each day around the world into a potentially fatal affair.

The video starts quite vaguely, with a Nissan Qashqai in the forefront, a white sedan further away and a small truck next to it. At this point, we don't know which of the three vehicles to watch, but don't worry, it all gets revealed pretty soon.

A young mother and her friend are pushing the former's child in a buggy at what seemed like a safe distance from the sedan that is feverishly trying to park in front of the Nissan, but to no avail. We suspect this might have been going on for quite a while, considering the gentleman standing on the side feels the need to approach and, presumably, try to help the driver with her maneuver.

She appears to come to a stop when she pops open the trunk. But the car starts to roll away slowly, which is when the proverbial stuff hits the fan. Panicking for no apparent reason, she must mistake the two pedals and hit the accelerator instead. Disaster. The Qashqai stood no chance.

Had it ended here, it would have been nothing special. We've seen it happen quite often. But, somehow, she manages to put the car in drive and launch forward, missing the people on the stairs as well as the concrete railing, climbing the small grassy embankment next to them.

However, there's no time for respites with this woman as she quickly finds the reverse gear and comes back to finish the job on the Nissan. The Porsche Cayenne that was standing next to it beat a hasty retreat, and it turned out it was the smart choice.

In the end, while the sedan was still going at the white crossover as if trying to hump it, another man opens the door, steps on the brake and switches off the engine. After a few moments, the lady steps out and checks the damage to the car. Yes, singular, because who cares about those who can actually park a vehicle?

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