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The Year Is 2050 and Your Yacht no Longer Has a Chopper - It Has a Jet
A future yacht design by Vasily Klyukin brings us a vision into what yachts will look like in just thirty years, maybe even less, ready equipped with its own jet airplane.

The Year Is 2050 and Your Yacht no Longer Has a Chopper - It Has a Jet

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If you’ve never heard of Vasily Klyukin, you will. This Moscow-born designer is not afraid to show us some dreams. But the way things are going, his so-called dreams may actually become reality.

Designed for a time we haven’t reached yet, the Monaco 2050 yacht is sitting there as a benchmark of human ingenuity. And honestly, were not that far off. Current advances in vertical take-off and landing aren't that far off and can even offer some similarities between reality and dream. Have a look at the Bell Nexus, for instance.

What you are looking at is actually two separate vessels, one atop the other. Tell me if you can figure out which is which without looking at the gallery, but your probably already had a peak.

The entire vessel, including the jet, is composed of the classic two-tone black and white color scheme indicative of high-class luxury vessels. This color scheme is evenly distributed over the vessel’s four decks and even on the jet. However, the jet has red accents showing the propulsion systems.

Being a concept, there isn’t much to go on, so I'm just going to tell it like I see it. At sea-level we’ll find a deck that allows access to activities on the open sea. And as most yachts in this class, there surely is a storage space for your jet skis and tenders, probably right behind the Monaco 2050 emblem.

Sets of stairs led up to the next deck. Here we can see a full black deck. I'm taking a not-so-wild guess and say here we’ll find guest and crew quarters. Black glass has been used by the yacht designer to offer intimacy to guest and at the same time to offer visibility to the outside world.

The next deck up presents us with a swimming pool, in case you have allergies to salt water, and lounge chairs just to hang around like a lizard in the sun. It seems that this deck offers a panoramic view around the vessel and could include a dining area with a lounge and the always-necessary bar. To the sides of this area another set of stairs lead up to the final deck.

Another fully enclosed space acts as a landing site for the jet. I would say that here we are to find the navigational controls and access to the aircraft. Being a multi-million-dollar yacht, I'm sure you won’t be pulling yourself up into the jet.

Now as far as the jet is concerned, it’s a jet, not much to say about it. But seeing as how there is no possibility for a landing strip, it’s definitely working with vertical takeoff and landing. The jet too holds true to the balance between black and white color tones.

My only guess is that the day Mr. Klyukin gets an e-mail from a potential customer, a tear will roll down his cheek and the realization that his dream is now becoming reality will bring a smile to his face.


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