The World's Smallest Remote Control Helicopter Fits on Your Finger

At 1.8 inches long (46mm) the Pico-Falcon from Japanese toy maker Bandai CCP claims to be the smallest remote control helicopter ever made. While there might be smaller ones in a government test lab somewhere, it certainly is the smallest you can buy. If that doesn't impress you, just check out the shot of it sitting on a finger!
Pico-Falcon 12 photos
From cats to cars, most things that are smaller become instantly cute and the Pico is no exception. It just doesn't look like it can fly. Add to that the fact that it comes in soft pastel colors and this toy almost becomes girly in a way.

On sale starting December 5th in Japan, this toy helicopter will be available in bright orange, blue and green. CCP are experts in making really small electrical toys and they've fitted this one with a brand new gyro-center and really small tandem rotors for stability. Another rotor located at the back takes care of steering.

We haven't been able to find any video footage of the Pico-Falcon anywhere on the Internet. If you're wondering why that's important, know that these ultra-small toys never fly in a straight line and are notoriously different to control.

Will the Pico-Falcon be easy to maneuver? Probably not. Should you care? No, since it fits on top of your fingertip. Prices will start at 4,838 yen (US$45) each, which is kind of expensive. But the Pico will make a great Christmas gift. A 30 minute charge gives you 4 minutes of flying time. The Japanese manufacturer does not guarantee that you can land it on a finger or on top of your cat's head though.


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