The World Is Not Enough

Even though I am pretty sure that the first time this title was published it had nothing to do with dumb accidents caused by reckless, ignorant people, it looks like it is one of the things which suit them only too well.
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Remember the two motorcycle riders who crashed into each other in the middle of the sand dunes? Well, despite the really small odds that their trajectory collided, karma proved once more she’s a bitch. Still, the two guys were at least separated by the dune crest, and none of them could see what was happening on the other side of the hill, and that’s why I preferred to use the term “bad luck” back then.

In this video, we’re dealing with two guys who are really dumb, sorry to say it. First of all, it’s the incoming snowmobile rider, the white dot in the distance I’ve circled in the picture above. You can barely see him despite the fact that visibility is quite alright… and this means he is really far, with plenty of both time and space to visually scout ahead.

Tough luck, as the guy is neither observing what’s happening ahead of him or slowing down; he’s simply throttling away as if he’s alone on the planet. Small wonder he can’t do a thing to prevent the crash by the time he understands that bad things are about to happen.

On the other hand, it’s the rider who is closest in front of the camera guy. He also fails to observe or hear the incoming snowmobile, and cuts it off in the most reckless manner, a classic SMIDSY example. This crash could have been avoided extremely easy, if only one or both riders paid more attention to their surroundings. But I bet such fellows would even crash into each other in the vastness of the universe, too...

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