The Wheelchair Gets a Futuristic Makeover With This Realizable Concept

If you’re a healthy human being, this article may not post the most interest to you. But if you happen to have issues with mobility and require a wheelchair, or, fine, you are just plain lazy sometimes, then this conceptual design should be of interest.
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It’s just called the Model F, nothing more, nothing else. Designed by Kwanjun Ryu of Seoul, South Korea, this Whill branded wheelchair can do so much more than just wheely you around the house. Actually, it’s so stable that you can’t even do that.

Now, this concept was actually put together by combining existing functions from a wide range of real products, thus creating something completely new and able. The only next step would be for someone to buy this design and get it into production. But until then, all we have are these renderings.

Now, we get it, why should you care about a wheelchair? Well, let's kick this show off by stating that this device is considered an EV and comes with a detachable battery pack that comes off at the click of a button. Even though no actual information as to what type of battery it will be using, it is safe to assume that it will be lithium-ion. Charge levels are also shown by pressing a button on the pack.

Model F
Like most EVs, this one to has motors to help is move along and perform the designed functions. By the looks of it, this device includes not one but two brushless motors, built into the rear wheels. Here too specs are missing, but compared to the size of the vehicle, we can guess that a safe to handle 15 mph (24kph) can be had.

And even though it can’t do any wheelies, because it is an EV, it only takes one crazy person like me, with enough IT experience, unlike myself, to make this thing do what they want. Like going really fast. All the while just having a seat and drinking some juice.

Even the front wheels have also seen a redesign. These wheels include a feature known as Omni wheel. The idea is simple. Instead of one wheel on each side, two wheels act as one and are able to move at independent speeds and directions to offer stationary 360-degree turns. Simple right?

Model F
Right above the wheels we can see a platform. It's here that you would normally place your feet. From here we see a column that holds up the final component of the chair, the actual seat. In the spirit of true minimalist design, most of the backrest has been removed, and support is offered upon the lumbar region with padded cushions. These cushions can be removed in order to be maintained easily.

The left armrest of the EV include three speed settings and a horn function, all at the touch of a button. While a joystick on the right armrest allows the device to be maneuvered with small movements of the fingers. Here we can also find another button that raises the backrest in case more support is needed.

And like most wheelchairs, this one to is modular. For example, a lever at the front of the seat can be pulled by the driver in order to pivot the seat in place. This function allows for someone to reach for a good on a shelf without ever having to get out of the device.

Model F
Another pulley at the rear of the seat, allows for the entire seat to be removed. But don’t start thinking that you’re stick with a giant pole sticking out of four wheels, no.

At the bottom of the support column another lever can be pulled to collapse the whole thing. Now you’re stuck with two separate bits that can easily fit into the trunk of your car.

So even though it may be a bit out of reach as a concept, we’re sure someone ‘Whill’ be working on something similar in the near future.


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