The Volkswagen Streetmate - Coming Soon to Change the Mobility Game

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Photo: Volkswagen
Volkswagen StreetmateVolkswagen StreetmateVolkswagen Streetmate StandingVolkswagen Streetmate SeatedVolkswagen StreetmateVolkswagen Streetmate
Lately we’ve been seeing a bunch of weird trinkets and designs made to get you around town in a greener, faster, and safer way. Recently, Volkswagen has also entered the urban mobility race.
Nowadays we are seeing all kinds of companies that promise to change urban mobility for the better. But as we all know 90% or more of businesses fail within the first year. So it makes sense for an industry giant like Volkswagen to step up to the plate and show us what it can do.

Now, what did or can Volkswagen do? Well, they didn’t look to create some weird pod design. Nor did they try to suspend the rider in mid air on some sort of peddle-less frame. No, Volkswagen took a simple idea and design and just made it all that much better.

The result of the team’s ingenuity was the Streetmate.

When you first spot it, it looks like any other two-wheel scooter, except with bigger wheels. You start to think that this ‘thing’ will be hard to push, but then notice the disc brakes. And that’s when the questions really begin to roll in.

Volkswagen Streetmate
Photo: Volkswagen
Those disc brakes have to be for something that usually goes fast, and the Streetmate surely does. A closer look starts to bring other details to view. A sleek and modern design offers something pleasing to look at that doesn’t look silly either. An equal use of black and white compliments the overall shape of the vehicle. An aesthetic success by my standards.

A sturdy yet modern feel to the frame gives you the feeling that yes, something is finally here and ready to take the abuse of the big-city, and to do it in style. A big front fork exposes two shock-absorbers and connects to the handlebars much like your classic bike. A somewhat V-Dub look to the handlebars further accent the Volkswagen emblem and led headlight.

The front wheel is larger than the rear, offering a more comfortable position for the rider, but also a smoother ride, as cracks or small gaps are no longer a problem. The frame is raised a bit off the ground offering clearance over most city obstacles. Both front and rear wheels come equipped with splash guards.

Now, I don’t know if ya’ll figured out from the photos that this new-breed of vehicle is electric. Mhmm, 100%. And no battery-pack to lug around with you. It’s integrated into the floor of the ride. A 2-hour and 15-minute charge-time will get her up and running again. But that’s on a dedicated station just for her. If you don’t have one yet just plug her in anywhere and go fishing.

Volkswagen Streetmate
Photo: Volkswagen
Now for the fun part. Let’s say you went to work with the Streetmate, had a very long day, and just can’t stand to ride it anymore, not that too much effort would be involved, but hey, standing can be difficult. So the guys at Volkswagen put in the following feature: a part of the frame folds down over the platform and acts as a seat for the rider, bringing even more comfort to your already extenuating day.

The motor is a rear mounted 2.7 Hp electric hub-motor. When decelerating it captures energy and reuses it; your usual regenerative tech.

A range of 37 miles (60 km), thanks to the regen’ tech, and a topspeed of up to 28 mph (45 kph), is perfect for the new level of traffic hitting our streets, and gives you the necessary speed to get you where you needed to be five minutes ago.

Now that auto Goliaths are honing in to the urban mobility movement, keep your eyes out for increasingly better tech from industry leaders and even some less known Davids.
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