The Viper-Miata Connection as You've Never Seen It Before

"The Miata is a bit like a small Viper" - this is a thought that's impossible to avoid after driving both cars, and yet we're here to talk about a less obvious way in which the two machines can be connected.
The Viper-Miata Connection, As You've Never Seen It Before 1 photo
For now, we want to show you a... mechanical link between Dodge's and Mazda's two-seaters, one that also involves two men who happen to sit outside the cars.

We know, the paragraph above sounds a bit odd, but stick with us and you'll understand.

We're talking about a Viper that broke down due to hooning and was assisted by a Miata. The Viper had broken a rear half-shaft U-joint during a tire-melting moment, but instead of the MX-5 towing it, the Mazda pushed the Dodge.

Since a bumper-to-bumper approach would've been a bad idea, two men sat on top of the slow-driving Miata's nose, pushing the Viper with their legs.

Given the fact that the Viper only needed to be taken a few blocks away, Redditor Dirtyace, the owner of the Viper in question, chose this impromptu setup over the rescue methods we all know.

"I was doing around 30, punched it in first and the car was spinning. I power shifted second and its wheel hopped for a second and boom snapped it. These cars are known to break these with hard driving. I bought a viper to drive hard so it is what it is. It is apart right now and getting a new u joint so shell be back on the road soon. With winter here in NY its hard for me to care at the moment lol," the man explains.

While you'll be able to see the feat in the clip below, we'll add the usual "don't try this at home." You know, just because knees or other human articulations aren't as easy to replace as a Viper's half-shaft.

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