The Titanic Replica Won’t Be Launched Sooner than 2018

If you want something copied, leave it to the Chinese to produce it. Their affinity towards making things that look similar to other things has been thoroughly demonstrated in the automotive field, but it’s not restricted to cars alone.
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This time, though, they’re just providing the workforce, with an industrious Australian billionaire responsible for the impetus. What’s more, they’re not exactly copying something, but creating a full-scale replica, and the object of their attention is the Titanic. The famous ocean liner that sunk in April 1912 had a very short-lived life, and that’s a real shame considering it was the most advanced ship of its time. It’s true that its tragic fate probably brought it more fame than a regular life would have, but it did come at a terrible cost.

The new Titanic will come with increased safety features, some dictated by modern maritime regulations, which will prevent the modern ship from looking exactly like the original. However, only somebody armed with a ruler and the blueprints of the RMS Titanic will be able to spot them, as the four-meter increase in width is easily hidden on a boat that’s 270 meters long, 53 meters high and weighs 40,000 tonnes.

Initially, the Titanic II was supposed to be unveiled next year, with the maiden voyage taking place just a few months later from the shipyard in Jiangsu, where it’s being built, to Dubai, where a lot of people have shown interest in this project.

Now, though, due to undisclosed reasons, the launch of the new Titanic has been delayed until 2018, but a spokesperson for Clive Palmer, the Australian tycoon who’s backing the whole project, has assured everybody that the famous ocean liner replica will become a reality.

You have to wonder, though, if this is such a good idea, both for business and on an emotional level. In fact, relatives of the 1,500 people who died on that April night in 1912 have branded the decision as insensitive, and you have to understand their position. At the same time, you can also understand it if people will be reluctant to get on the ship: it wouldn’t take a superstitious person to feel a little unease.

James McDonald, the global marketing director for Palmer’s Blue Star Line company, reassures everybody while talking to the Belfast Telegraph, that “The new Titanic will, of course, have modern evacuation procedures, satellite controls, digital navigation and radar systems and all those things you'd expect on a 21st century ship.”

And if Blue Star is to be believed, it has received tons of applications already, some of them going as high as £640,000 for the maiden voyage. Some people just don’t know what to do with their money.
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