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The "Tire Extinguishers" Are Now Coordinating Their Movement Against SUVs Internationally

The British organization that helped with kickstarting this movement against bigger types of vehicles confirmed via a press release and on social media that activists from nine countries acted almost at the same time. They claim that the tires of over 600 SUVs have been “deflated in a worldwide night of action.”
The "Tire Extinguishers" Activists 6 photos
Activists Deflating SUV TiresActivists Deflating SUV TiresActivists Deflating SUV TiresActivists Deflating SUV TiresActivists Deflating SUV Tires
It’s hardly a “worldwide night of action” when car owners mostly from Europe and North America are being targeted, but activists celebrate this achievement by informing anyone interested about their actions. It’s also the first time Denmark and Norway are experiencing this type of activism.

“Courageous citizens all over the world last night (the night of Tuesday 6th and early morning of Wednesday 7th) deflated tires on at least 600 SUVs,” explains the organization. They want to reach their goal of 10,000 SUVs by Christmas, which means such actions will continue.

Most SUVs with the air let out of their tires are from the UK - 252. Switzerland and Denmark closely follow with 60 and 50, respectively. Canada is in fifth place, with 45 vehicles affected in the Ontario area.

Back in June, we were telling you about the first such actions. Since then, things have calmed down in the U.S. However, Canada is now among the countries where the “Tire Extinguishers” are trying to sound the alarm about the use of SUVs by letting air out of some cars’ tires. Things have also escalated recently in countries across Europe and authorities are struggling to find the perpetrators.

But the activist’s goal seems to have changed. A couple of months ago, people that wished to take part in the movement were informed to spare workers' and emergency vehicles and also learned what a “gas-guzzler” 4x4 SUV is. But since then, front-wheel-drive (FWD) crossovers, plug-in hybrids, and EVs have also been targeted. Now the organization says it’s also picking out electric SUVs “on the grounds that they are still unsafe in urban areas.” The movement is apparently evolving – it’s not only about the environment, now it’s about safety as well.

A spokesperson said that “if enough people join us, it will be impossible to own an SUV in the world’s urban areas,” showing once again that the goal is to remove bigger types of cars from cities, towns, and suburbs.

The environmental activists claim SUVs are unnecessary, make roads dangerous, cause air pollution, and are a climate disaster.

The “Tire Extinguishers” also demand higher taxes for SUV owners. Up until now, no public official has recognized their movement, but investigations have been started by the Police.

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