The Time When Keiichi Tsuchiya Drifted The Hell Out of a Ferrari 599

Having dedicated drift cars to put to work is all fun and games, but many enthusiasts would love to see the easier-to-relate-to stock supercars and GTs being used for sideways stunts and we're here to deliver just that.
Keiichi Tsuchiya Drifted The Hell Out of a Ferrari 599 1 photo
For this slip angle adventure, we'll take you back in time to the 2007 moment when Keiichi Tsuchiya drifted the hell out of a Ferrari 599.

Back then Maranello had been producing the 599 for just one year and so the Drift King's initiative was as hot as they get. In the piece of footage below, we can see (listening is only an option if Japanese doesn't sound like an alien language to you) the man putting the 599 through its paces on the track.

Keiichi works his way up through the various modes of the Manettino dial. You know, the little red switch on Ferrari steering wheels that can turn the car from a docile creature that won't let the tail slide to a fully-sideways animal willing to kick its driver off the saddle.

The 599's rear diff, as well as its handling electronics, were the result of Scuderia Ferrari's F1 efforts, so while playing the Grand Tourer role, the V12 Fezza was very communicative and easy to control.

While the full nine-minute video is worthy of your undivided attention, we'd pay special attention to two particular moments. We'll start with the 5:50 point, which sees the man pulling a massive second gear drift.

Then there's the 6:30 point, which sees the Drift King wrestling the Prancing Horse a little bit, all with the aim of convincing it to deliver a third gear slide that will give you goosebumps.

There's no manual gearbox or hydraulic handbrake to help Keiichi initiate the slides, which means his maneuvers can easily serve as awesome performance driving lessons - do keep in mind that you should practice such shenanigans on the track, which isn't just a safer environment as far as traffic is concerned, but also provides the necessary asphalt width for such stunts.

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