The TigerMoth Is an Adventure Home that Fits Neatly in Your Garage

TigerMoth Mobile Habitat 9 photos
Photo: Taxa Outdoors
TigerMoth Mobile HabitatTigerMoth Mobile HabitatTigerMoth Mobile HabitatTigerMoth Mobile HabitatTigerMoth Mobile HabitatTigerMoth Mobile HabitatTigerMoth Mobile HabitatTigerMoth Mobile Habitat
“Hey Steve. Happy Holidays! Where you guys heading out to, the in-laws?” “Haha, naw John, we are just going to get away from it all and sleep where the sun sets.” “Oh nice. How ya’ll doing that?” “With this here TigerMoth, you should check it out.”
What the hell is a TigerMoth, and where is Godzilla to take it on? Don’t get the wrong impression, what we’re talking about here is known as the TigerMoth. But instead of it being some gigantic insect-like creature, it’s a camper or adventure trailer.

That’s right people, what we see is a camper trailer, and once you get to know it a bit, you’ll understand it’s also more than just that; it’s a downright home on wheels. So if you’ve got about 20 thousand Dollars lying around, give the team at Taxa Outdoors a call because the MSRP on this is $19,950.

Personally, once I found out what this little hitch-me-up can do, I was left tugging on my lady’s sleeve going, “Baby, baby! Can we get a camper for Christmas? Can we, pleeeease? It's only 20 grand!” Yes! We're going to be talking about it.

Just to understand a bit about what her and I are going to talk about, here it is. First off, the Tiger comes in with a length of 12-ft 9-in (~3.89-m), short enough to fit inside most standard garages. And just as it is compact, it’s also light, only 1,310 lbs (595 kg) dry weight. It’s light enough to be towed by most compact cars.

TigerMoth Mobile Habitat
Photo: Taxa Outdoors
On top of it all, it’s not just an empty box. This little trinket is absolutely full of more than you’d need for a week. Let’s start our journey from outside the trailer and then head inside. One of the first and foremost important tools found is the pull-out kitchen. A 5.5 sq ft wood countertop is accessed by simply pulling out an entire compartment that has its own other smaller compartments. You can think of it like a camper matryoshka doll. There’s enough room for utensils, pots and pans, spices, and even a two-burner portable stove.

Ample cargo spaces and various mounts are also found all around the vehicle. Room for a toolbox, spare tire, front cargo deck, and rooftop cargo deck are just a few of the options found. But it’s inside that the TigerMoth really shows its stuff.

The beauty behind the TigerMoth is the way living and storage space can be easily manipulated. Inside we find a number of panels that can be rearranged to provide a bedroom, a lounge area fit with a removable table, all the while being able to access the 12 cubic feet of storage underneath. Understand that the interior of this vehicle is spacious enough to allow to people to sleep easily.

TigerMoth Mobile Habitat
Photo: Taxa Outdoors
However, let’s say your in-laws found out about this trip and somehow, some way, they ended up coming too. Not a problem at all. Atop the camper a roof tent can be mounted that includes room for another three adults (two, if you’re married to my Dad).

But isn’t the end of it all, because the team a Taxa likes to give people exactly what they want and need, click here to play around with their ‘Build my TigerMoth’ feature and really get to know your next year’s acquisition. After all, if you’re going to try and sell this to your wife as the next possible move for the family, you better know all the ins and outs of this model, but the Overland Edition too. I’ll let you find out about that one on your own.

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