The Things Some People Do for Views: Hummer Caught Carrying a Rolls-Royce on Its Roof

Some would do anything for views. They would even put a Rolls-Royce on top of a Hummer and roam the streets like that. It happened in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The luxury sedan was transported like that to a gas station.
Hummer carries a Rolls-Royce on its roof 9 photos
Photo: Alan Enileev | Instagram
Hummer carries a Rolls-Royce on its roofHummer carries a Rolls-Royce on its roofHummer carries a Rolls-Royce on its roofHummer carries a Rolls-Royce on its roofHummer carries a Rolls-Royce on its roofHummer carries a Rolls-Royce on its roofHummer carries a Rolls-Royce on its roofHummer carries a Rolls-Royce on its roof
Of course there was some other way to fill the tank of his Rolls-Royce Phantom. But this is what these people do. They shoot extreme videos, post them online, and then wait to cash in. For this exact reason, Russian car blogger Alan Enileev, former World Champion in the Need for Speed virtual car racing back in 2006, put a Rolls-Royce Phantom on top of a Hummer H2 SUT (Sports Utility Truck) and drove the ensemble through the city of Almaty in Kazhastan.

The video uploaded on Instagram shows the two cars rolling through the city with not a care in the world, as the Rolls-Royce is tightly anchored to the Hummer underneath it with orange straps. The front wheels are tied to the bulbar of the Hummer, while the rear wheels are linked to the rear bumper of the truck.

Both vehicles sport a yellow-and-black color combo. But they don't get all the attention for the way they look separately. What draws attention from other traffic participants is the way they travel together at low speed, along the streets of Almaty. Pedestrians and drivers stop and stare and take photographs of the weird ensemble.

Alan Enileev takes the two of them to the gas station, climbs up to reach the luxury sedan, and pours gas into its tank. Naturally, there was no way he could have kept a low profile there, either. But he was searching for his five minutes of fame again, so no harm done. Except for the risk it posed to other traffic participants.

Keep in mind that the Rolls-Royce Phantom is 226.9 inches (5,762 millimeters) long, 79.4 inches (2,018 millimeters) wide, and 64.8 inches (1,646 millimeters) tall, sporting a weight of 5,644 pounds (2,560 kilograms). So it is not exactly a ballerina it had to deal with. Even for a Hummer, moving around a 2.5-ton car is not quite a walk in the park.

This is obviously not the first time such a video of a car carrying another one on its roof has goes viral. At the beginning of November, we reported about a Toyota Land Cruiser driving with a Mercedes-Mybach S-Class on top.

The two of them were spotted around the North Market in Roston-on-Don, a town in the Rostov Region, located in Southern Russia. The Maybach reportedly belonged to Russian blogger Chebotarev and, of course, the video is specifically made in chase of views that bring money.

Otherwise, in both cases, a trailer would have done the job so much easier and with less hazard.

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