The Swanky 2024 Aston Martin DB12 Now Has a Configurator, Cue Some Ominous Music

In a world dominated by crossovers and SUVs that pretend to have off-roading capabilities, seeing a new two-door car join today's market is worth celebrating. But this is not just any coupe, no! It's an Aston Martin, one of Britain's finest vehicles. It is obligated to display excellence and to show that the brand is ready to go forward without betraying its legacy. Get ready to travel from Portugal to Poland or Los Angeles to Chicago in the most fashionable and cocooned mode possible – the triumphant DB12 is here.
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Not every day an Aston Martin is put out to pasture. But that day will always be glorious because another model is coming to fill the gap. In true UK fashion, the DB12 taking the reins from the DB11 feels like a monarchy type of thing. There's a new leader. If it's going to be as good as its predecessor… Well, that's up to the brand's subjects to decide. Until then, what we can do is enjoy the customization experience.

In a rather unsatisfactory outcome, the DB12 is not V12-powered. The marque decided to abandon the 5.2-liter turbocharged power unit that was developed in-house and manufactured in Germany. It's not yet clear if stricter emission rules killed this powertrain for good and for everyone, but the only option customers can now enjoy is the Mercedes-AMG-sourced 4.0-liter V8 that puts out 670 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque.

But the task in front of us is to make the DB12 look as enthralling as possible using the brand-new configurator. If you want to join us in sharing the build experience, we suggest you turn on some James Bond-inspired music without a rushed action feel. We chose some of Nicholas Britel's most recent tunes featured in the "Succession" TV show to get in the right mood.

2024 Aston Martin DB12
Photo: Computer Generated Image by Aston Martin
So, with no regard for the money we would spend to buy a heavily personalized Aston Martin DB12, let's dive in.

Discovering a world of opportunities

The interface might initially feel too much, but it provides us with the necessary tools to make the right decisions. The automaker spent time and good money developing it because it worked flawlessly for us. There are, for example, many environments to choose from, and you can even admire the coupe at night to figure out the perfect combination. All this only enhances the customization process. Everyone can make the right choices here. There are nearly zero chances of regret.

The first step is choosing the right color. The iconic grand tourer looks excellent when finished in a bold shade, but we weren't that brave. We went with Satin Aston Martin Racing Green instead of the futuristic Digital Violet. We settled on the Scottish Highlands-like scenery, where every angle of our AMR23-like DB12 looked perfect.

This Q by Aston Martin paint job also celebrates the brand's F1 return. Considering the current developments and Alonso's latest performances, it feels right. Enjoy the photo gallery before moving on.

2024 Aston Martin DB12
Photo: Computer Generated Image by Aston Martin
Money is not a worry, but we're not absurd either. So, instead of going for the "carbon fiber lower package," we kept our DB12 looking stylish by not adding it. But we did tick the box for the "gloss black upper package" because it gives the grand tourer a svelte silhouette by masking the roof and magically making its already short height even shorter.

Picking the right stuff

We chose to have the dark grille on our DB12 to match the roof and the side mirrors. It gives the vehicle a subtler look, making it sportier and more elegant.

The next step is choosing the right wheel design. Our model has the 21-inch Y-spoke wheel finished in Satin Bronze. The other six options available are attractive, but none look as good as what we have already. So, we're sticking with these. They just fit!

Picking the right brake caliper color proved a bit difficult. On the one hand, black is subtle enough and didn't interfere with our picks. But on the other hand, the yellow calipers just added a little bit of pizzazz. It was much-needed for a two-door Aston Martin that wasn't specced wildly from the get-go. Plus, how would people figure out we have carbon ceramics fitted, right? So, we went with it. The Aston Martin Racing Green calipers, however, came in a close second!

2024 Aston Martin DB12
Photo: Computer Generated Image by Aston Martin
Next, Aston Martin wants us to pick between smoked and red taillights. The choice was obvious – we stuck with the former. Here's where the exterior design concluded. Onto the cabin!

Since this is a grand tourer meant to take us on lengthy, comfortable rides, we decided against the performance seats. The "Sports Plus" option will serve the driver and the passenger well. But we didn't leave it to chance.

The interior deserved a special touch, so we picked "bitter chocolate" as the primary upholstery (and carpet!) color and combined it with sage green. It looks daring and may differ from everyone's taste, but how often will you buy a brand-new Aston Martin? "Make it yours!" we thought. That's why we also added the "Mocha" seatbelts. This interior feels somewhat filled with life now.

Indulging our every whim

The door trim inlay was another point of debate. At first, we wanted to go with the open-pore dark walnut option, but it felt like too much of an "old man spec." To add that niche luxurious feeling, the trim we finally decided upon was dark brushed aluminum. It fits right onto our philosophy and doesn't compromise the cabin look. It also looks bang on when fitted to the center console.

Next, you can have some bits and pieces, like the speaker covers or the paddle shifters, finished in dark satin chrome. We decided against it because the satin silver option keeps the cabin more intriguing. And with that, we managed to avoid every bit of carbon fiber Aston Martin suggested.

2024 Aston Martin DB12
Photo: Computer Generated Image by Aston Martin
The last things we added were:
  • the Bowers & Wilkins sound system;
  • the branded first aid kit;
  • the Convenience pack (mainly for the Aston Martin flashlight);
  • the umbrella.
At the end of the customization process, the platform allows you to download a .PDF with all your chosen options. You can find ours attached below.

All in all, this is probably one of the best configurators we have ever seen. It's even better than Bentley's, which is great news for Aston Martin, which is celebrating 110 years of existence. This platform provides a great experience and allows everyone to dream about owning a DB12. However, it is a gold mine for prospective customers who don't want to spend too much time with a salesperson. Try it, and you won't regret it.

The British weren't very good at keeping their auto industry alive. Today, even the iconic London black cab taxi is under foreign ownership. But even though the Germans, the Chinese, and the Indians today own some of the most loved auto brands coming out of the UK, nobody can fault the British for designing stupendous motor vehicles. The DB12 looks dazzling and, as shown above, can turn into a white canvas for you to make it exactly what the heart desires.

Finally, don't hesitate to critique our design or tell us how the ideal DB12 looks for you in the comment section.
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