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The SVH Tundar Mini Truck Is the 2022 Toyota Tundra’s Copycat Cousin From China

We all know that Tundra after Toyota means full-size pickup truck with twin-turbo V6 power since the 2022 model year. Although it looks exceedingly similar to the real deal from the front, the SVH Tundar is a mini truck with… get this… a 1.0L three-cylinder Isuzu gasoline mill.
SVH Tundar Mini Truck (2022 Toyota Tundra Chinese Copycat) 6 photos
SVH Tundar Mini Truck (2022 Toyota Tundra Chinese Copycat)SVH Tundar Mini Truck (2022 Toyota Tundra Chinese Copycat)SVH Tundar Mini Truck (2022 Toyota Tundra Chinese Copycat)SVH Tundar Mini Truck (2022 Toyota Tundra Chinese Copycat)SVH Tundar Mini Truck (2022 Toyota Tundra Chinese Copycat)
Founded in 1934, the Japanese company specializes in commercial vehicles and diesel engines. Although it has produced gasoline engines, including a naturally-aspirated V12 that was tested in the Lotus 102 F1 car in the early ‘90s, Isuzu has never produced a three-cylinder gasoline mill so far.

The only photograph of the engine bay appears to feature a four-pipe exhaust manifold, with the intake hose clearly visible on a different side of the engine. Also worthy of note is the valve cover appears to be a copy of the Suzuki F10A four-cylinder engine from the second-generation Samurai. Whatever it is, Sino Vehicle Hub says that it can also fit a 1.5L in there.

Scheduled to go on sale later this year, the SVH Tundar obviously can’t be registered stateside. In regard to pricing, the peeps at Sino Vehicle Hub quote $6,000 FOB China. Those in the business of international trade understand that acronym, but to the uninitiated, the free-on-board price refers to the price of a given good at the frontier of the exporting country. FOB further means that the supplying company – in this case, Sino Vehicle Hub – takes responsibility for the product until it’s loaded on board a shipping vessel.

This poor excuse of a Toyota Tundra features a two-wheel-drive setup, 13-inch steelies with plastic covers, 165/65 by 13-inch rubber boots, and a five-speed transmission. The Hong Kong-based company says that it’s an automatic, yet the only interior pic reveals three pedals and a stick shift.

Equipped with a few standard amenities such as air conditioning and a rearview camera, the white-painted mini truck comes with a tailgate that reads Tundra instead of Tundar. Copyright infringement much?

On an ending note, have a wild guess what’s the top speed of this fellow. 100? If you were thinking in metric units, then congrats! Sino Vehicle Hub quotes no less and no more than 100 kilometers per hour (62 mph).


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