The Suzuki GSX-R 30 Years of Performance Documentary Is a Marvelous Story

Telling the story of the GSX-R is a huge undertaking, even if you are a Suzuki historian. There is simply so much to be remembered about the bike that changed the two-wheeled sport that it would take ages to recollect everything.
The Suzuki GSX-R that started it all 1 photo
Still, when Suzuki decides to assemble the very guys that engineered and raced the first GSX-R, we know we're in for quite a show. So here goes the first half of a very cool and informative documentary that's not based on marketing hype and white-collar talk.

Suzuki is proudly presenting a story told by some of the guys, engineers and designers that can actually say that the Gixxer was THEIR brain child. And to make things even more interesting, some of these fellows were in fact racing the GSX-R750 back in the day when it took a blistering 1-2 in the debut race at Le Mans.

Seeing the engineers laugh as they remember how the first engines used to melt and fall apart

Now a fully-grown, successful bike that has won countless races around the world, the GSX-R hasn't been the seemingly perfect road racing machine we see today.

The Suzuki engineers featured in the documentary tell about the early days of the bike, and how wrong everything was, in fact, back then. They speak about cylinder sleeves becoming loose, bent valves, melting spark plugs and all. And seeing them laugh as they recollect the early days of the GSX-R race machine makes everything better.

With the goal of designing an engine that would deliver 100 horsepower and push the bike to 146 mph (235 km/h), Suzuki set off to a magic journey that would lead to amazing results.

One of the engineers is still riding the old Gixxer and after 29 years, he still finds it thrilling, and this is more than eloquent as to the might of that bike. Take your time and enjoy the story Suzuki has to tell, and you'll find out more interesting details about the Gixxer.

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