The Supremely Stylish Ranchette Is Elegance and Functionality Combined

The stunning Ranchette is a perfect single-level tiny house 13 photos
Photo: NOMAD Tiny Homes
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The Ranchette tiny is as dainty and sophisticated as its name with a French flavor. There's nothing rustic or rugged about this elegantly built house on wheels that feels like part home and part exotic resort.
One of the stunning custom creations delivered by NOMAD Tiny Homes, a family- and veteran-owned business based in Dripping Springs, Texas, the Ranchette bears the hallmark of a luxury dwelling. High-quality materials and carefully selected appliances are wrapped in a flawless contemporary design.

The somewhat austere functionality and ultra-clean aesthetics are part of the classic minimalist philosophy that is reflected in every inch of this home. The Ranchette doesn't try to resemble a conventional house. It exudes luxury in its purest form, which is all about the best quality in every detail and the right measure. Nothing is too much or too little, and no element was added without a precise purpose. This elegant abode follows the lines of miniature exotic getaways that are so popular nowadays and is also perfectly equipped for everyday living without compromise.

As a single-level house on wheels, the Ranchette needs length above all else. The 32-foot (9.7-meter) floorplan displays a contemporary open-plan setup where the bathroom is the only separate space. Everything else is added to the same open space, which creates the illusion of a perfect flow without boundaries. There's almost a feeling of weightlessness, where furniture items seem to be floating within a vast space, with no beginning and no end. By ditching traditional layouts and conventional limits, the Ranchette becomes an almost futuristic sanctuary.

The Ranchette
Photo: NOMAD Tiny Homes
This single-level home could have easily included a separate bedroom, yet it chose to create a delicate resting nook instead. Like a fluffy cloud, a comfy bed takes up one end of the house, surrounded by oversized windows that seem to transport whoever is there in the middle of nature. No doors block the direct line of sight across the entire house or create a feeling of isolation. This is a layout for people who fear feeling claustrophobic in a tiny house.

With its majestic windows and open-plan layout, the Ranchette feels anything but tiny or closed off. These windows are not just one of the signature features of all NOMAD creations. They are high-quality Ply-Gem bronze-color aluminum windows made with high-performance HP glass that uses Argon gas instead of air – because of the higher density, it ensures better thermal efficiency.

A plush sofa is the perfect element to transition seamlessly from the bedroom area to the more social spaces of the home. It faces the beautiful outdoor views, thanks to the large glass doors at the side of the home, and there's also plenty of room on the wall to mount a big TV screen.

The Ranchette
Photo: NOMAD Tiny Homes
What's special about the Ranchette's kitchen is that it includes a versatile dining area that can easily double as an ideal home office. It's more than a basic breakfast bar – it's an elegant desk with comfortable room for at least two seats. The beautiful placement in front of a large window ensures enough light for office work, as well as the perfect views for enjoying meals together.

The kitchen is as practical as it is elegant. It boasts a sophisticated countertop and a large farmhouse sink. While storage is kept to a minimum in order to avoid clutter and maintain the airy vibe, no compromise was made when it came to appliances. A full-size fridge was neatly placed in a dedicated compartment, just like the electric range and oven.

Standard appliances also include a washer/dryer compact setup in the bathroom, a tankless water heater (propane or electric), and a powerful mini-split cooling and heating system that also provides dehumidification and ventilation. In terms of materials, the Ranchette's exquisite minimalist elegance is highlighted by the hardwood floors throughout (except for the bathroom) and the gorgeous birch wood interior.

The Ranchette
Photo: NOMAD Tiny Homes
With clean aesthetics and neutral color palettes, it's important to add texture for visual interest and depth. The Ranchette is apparently simple but highly sophisticated when it comes to texture. The impression is one of balance, tranquility, and calm. This house lets the natural surroundings speak louder than its interior style – it feels like an invitation to simply wind down and enjoy nature.

Discrete recessed lighting throughout enhances this relaxed ambiance and clean look even more. Even the bathroom is more sophisticated than you'd expect from a tiny house. It's not too big but beautifully designed and spacious enough to include premium appliances and a wardrobe closet.

A full-size wardrobe is also part of the added functionality that makes the Ranchette a perfectly comfortable everyday home despite its exotic allure. Still, we can't deny that this would make a beautiful vacation rental in a remote, wild location. As a final touch, a compact deck is the perfect addition to this contemporary sanctuary, acting almost as an extension of the interior living spaces.
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