The Super Soco TS is Not the Fastest, Not the Strongest, But the Most Affordable

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When I first saw the TS, I thought it was some decked out 50 cc bike. Little, did I know. Some of the design aspects caught my eye and I was thinking I’m looking at some BMW bike I hadn’t seen yet.
Super SOCO is not a new company and has been producing a wide range of electric mobility vehicles for a few years now. This Shanghai-based manufacturer also produces the TS model, which isn’t the strongest of the rides they offer, nor the weakest, but it is the one I’ve personally ridden.

There are a few things that really made that ride memorable and I'll start with the control panel. An LCD screen with light-adjusting software displays all the info you need to have a safe ride. The software offers real-time range calculations that appear neatly on the waterproof LCD display. Diverse systems help protect the battery from discharge, overcharging, short circuiting and temperature protection.

A high-precision control program allows you to select one of three riding modes. One mode allows for energy saving, another for optimal performance, and a third is for high performance.

That funny looking back wheel is the motor. A Bosch 17-inch magnetic motor capable of 120 Nm (roughly 88 lb-ft) of torque at 550 rpm. A 92% conversion rate is this motor's highlight.

Super Soco
Photo: Super SOCO
The braking system itself has had some extra attention too. Using something called nano-molecules, the brake shoes offer the stopping power you need when you need it.

The central shock absorber is an adjustable one. This allows you to customize your ride to your level of comfort. Coupled with three different rider positions, you can really find your groove on this thing.

A nice perk of the Super SOCO TS is its ability to perform in wet conditions. That’s a big plus for an electric anything, really. This was achieved because the SOCO team uses dust and waterproof seals on every bolt used to build the battery pack.

One thing I noticed while riding the TS is the feel of the bike. It feels natural. Like somebody picked you up and dropped you on the saddle and that fit just great.

The main frame is composed of carbon steel with an aluminum alloy sub-frame, allowing a load up to 330 pounds (150kg).

Super Soco
Photo: Super SOCO
If you see the TS from the front, like I did, the head-lamp will be the first thing you see. With LED and light-sensing technology, the headlights offer maximum visibility and strength adapted to road conditions. You can however, bypass the auto adjust function and adjust light levels manually.

Something I enjoyed while riding this good-guy motor were the three modes the battery offers. Each mode adjusts the use of electricity and affects the riding style, so it’s like having the choice of cruise, climb or crash. But don’t worry about too much about the crash bit. With a top speed around 45 mph (72 kph), make sure you have a helmet on.

A major down-side for the TS is the lack of any capacity boosting tech like super or ultra-capacitors, which can amplify energy output levels by ten times and offer faster charges. Here we’re looking at a six-hour charge-time. But for under 4000 USD, I think it’s perfect for kicking you into the E-Moto lifestyle.
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