The Subaru BRZ Spins into the Guinness Book of World Records

The Subaru BRZ sets a new world record for tightest 360 degrees spin, at the Autosport International Show.
The Subaru BRZ Spins in the Guinness World Record 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Alastair Moffat, former world record holder, was behind the wheel of the Subaru BRZ, and by managing to completely spin the car a 2.25-meter (88.6 in) gap, he broke the previous 2.5-meter (98 in) Guinness World Record, achieved in 2014.

Moffat has more records under his name, including for the Tightest Reverse Parallel Park, when he reversed a classic Mini Cooper into a parking space leaving just 34 cm (13.4 in) between his car and the vehicles in front and behind, and for the Tightest Parallel Park, the latter established at the 2015 Autosport show.

The BRZ is 4.24 meters long (166.9 in) and is well known for its low center of gravity and light weight, which gives the car great handling. It is powered by a 2.0-liter Boxer engine, developing 200 horsepower, and comes standard with a Torsen limited-slip differential.

The car is also known under the name of Toyota 86 in Asia, South Africa, South America and Australia, as GT86 in Europe, FT86 in Nicaragua and Jamaica, and Scion FR-S in the US and Canada. A special edition, called 86 GRMN, is expected to hit the market, but unfortunately it will only be available in Japan.

In order to have maximum control over the car, Alastair disabled the traction control and had the ABS disengaged as well. “The Subaru BRZ was the perfect car in which to do it; light, highly maneuverable and easy to control. It’s great to have another record to my name,” he stated.

Some voices are saying that what he did is not in fact a world record, nor a 360-degree spin, as the car does a 180 degree, stops for a moment and does the rest of the spin a moment later. We say that Subaru has again demonstrated the agility and precision of its rear-wheel-drive BRZ sports car, but we’ll let you decide whether it was a 360-degree spin or not while watching the video below.

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