The Steel and Aluminum Raptor Hunter 3X Is All That Stands Between You and a Wild World

The world was recently introduced to a particular camper dubbed the Campervan Raptor XC. If you remember this machine, you also remember that it is one wicked machine, able to expand a living space to nearly twice what you see in travel mode.
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Well, I decided to check back with the creators behind the XC, Raptor Offroad Caravan, to see what else they have to share with the world, and boy was I glad I did because it's here that I ran across the subject of discussion for today, the Raptor Hunter 4.75 NTR 3X.

What the 4.75 stands for is this unit's length in meters, and the 3X may have nothing to do with the number of people that can sleep in this unit because that number is four. However, what sets Raptor aside from most other camper manufacturers on the market isn't the bedding arrangement or interior living space; it's how they carefully build and equip each unit that leaves their lot to sustain off-road, on-road, and off-grid travel and living.

At its base, the NTR 3X features a galvanized steel frame found in another unit from this manufacturer, the 4X. While this will take water, dust, and mud like a champ, features like an independent suspension and off-road tires are the ones that will really open up your horizons. Think about it; you can journey down those random roads that pop up out of nowhere.

Raptor Hunter 4\.75 NTR 3X
Photo: Hunter Caravan
With the base in place, it's onto the shell. What I liked about this living space is that the framework is nothing but aluminum. Oh, wait, it's not just the frame, the whole dang thing, side panels and roof included. What's that mean for you? It implies a habitat that can handle your wild off-grid excursions and even what the elements throw at you. Hail? No problem since it's smashing against aluminum. Mud? It should slide right off. Water may be the only enemy, but then again, Raptor Offroad wouldn't have the prestige they do if they built campers that can be taken down by H2O. Then there are 25 millimeters (1 inch) of insulation packed into each unit.

As for the off-grid capabilities that this camper yields, most of it will be in your hands. Except for a few basics like wiring and water tanks and pumps, you'll have to drop extra cash to make this camper adventure worthy. Batteries, solar panels, a diesel heater, and AC units are all extra. Don't fret; with around $10K, you should be able to deck out just about any camper with some solid systems.

One thing that isn't lacking for sure in the 3X is storage. Whether it be inside or outside, options are found in all the cabinets and bays tattered all over the shell or in countless cupboards and under the bed and other furnishings. Whatever you need to bring, be it foods, liquids, gear, and even toys, all of it has a place in this machine.

Raptor Hunter 3X Dinette
Photo: Hunter Caravan
O.k., so let's take a look inside after all. As you enter the 3X, you'll find yourself in the middle of what appears to be a rather tight living space. To your right sits a galley, prepared with a space for a cooktop, sink, and fridge door. Straight ahead, you can use the facilities of a fully stocked wet bath, and finally, to your left, a massive modular dinette that can transform into a bed that spans over half of the 3X. It's here that all four guests will be able to sleep. I hope you and your friends are that close. As an added bonus, the top on this bugger raises to allow for a little more headroom. I wonder if optional bunks are available. Only one way to find out; give Raptor a call.

So, how much is something like this going to cost? Well, things get a bit tricky here. I combed through pages and pages of data only to find no specific price for this unit. However, if we consider that other campers from this manufacturer are priced around the €35,000 mark ($35,800 at current exchange rates), then the price for a 3X shouldn't be far off.

Sure, the interior living space may be a tad cramped for four people, but two should live comfortably and safely while exploring the world with an NTR 3X by their side, and that alone makes it worth reading about on a Saturday afternoon.
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