The Spartan Citroen Oli Concept Wears New Goodyear Eagle GO Tires, They're Also a Concept

Citroen Oli with Goodyear Eagle GO tires 6 photos
Photo: Goodyear
Goodyear Eagle GO TireGoodyear Eagle GO TireGoodyear Eagle GO TireGoodyear Eagle GO Tire CompoundCitroen Oli and Its Goodyear Eagle GO Tire
Those among us that are a bit older might remember the Trabant and its rough plastic components. Citroen decided it’s time we revert to our old and low-cost manufacturing habits, so it introduced a car that’s made from cardboard and plastic. Goodyear’s Eagle GO tires are also a concept and they have been developed for this car. Here’s what you need to know.
We’re slowly moving away from luxurious behemoths that have leather, metals, and fine wood. We’re heading towards vehicles that just give us the bare minimum when it comes to cabin comfort. The world is running out of resources. Solutions must be found for those who don’t have money to splurge on what we now consider to be normal cars. That’s what automakers like Citroen or Dacia are envisioning now.

The Oli (read as all-e) concept mixes recycled cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, and other materials for its construction, and comes with no screens, manual windows, a vertical windshield, and some air scoops that cut the need for air conditioning. Parts are also interchangeable, and, yes, it’s an all-electric vehicle with rear-hinged doors. It’s Citroen’s way of giving us something truly sustainable.

By doing this, the French automaker keeps the car’s weight in check and allows its 40-kWh battery to be useful for a trip of around 249 mi (400 km) before there is no juice left. The 2,205-lb (1,000-kg) concept has a top speed of 68 mph (110 kph).

But cars can’t be driven if they don’t have tires. So, Goodyear jumped on the occasion to showcase its idea of sustainably made tires. The American company made a compound that has sunflower oils, pine tree resins, rice husk ash, and, of course, natural rubber from a tree that’s responsibly farmed and cultivated.

Goodyear managed to eliminate the need for petroleum-derived oils and plans on doing this for its entire lineup by 2040.

The best thing about the Eagle GO tires, however, is that they can be renewed – twice! The manufacturer says it targets a lifespan of 310,686 mi (500,000 km) based on the reuse of the “sustainable carcass and renewable tread.”

Lastly, the Goodyear Eagle GO tires also use sensors for monitoring purposes. They tell drivers when the pressure needs to be adjusted, so efficiency can increase.
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