The Silent, Ultra-Efficient Jaunt Journey Air Taxi to Write History in Canada

It looks like it won’t be long until air taxi services become a common part of our reality. Quebec is gearing up to play a historical role in Canada’s urban air mobility (UAM) as two companies join forces to develop a vertiport network that will support operations for the Jaunt Journey eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing).
Jaunt Journey is gearing up to become a pioneering air taxi in Canada 6 photos
Jaunt Journey eVTOLJaunt Journey eVTOLJaunt Journey eVTOLJaunt Journey eVTOLJaunt Journey eVTOL
In April 2020, Jaunt Air Mobility was officially introducing its flagship eVTOL, Journey. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company’s design and manufacturing are carried out in Montreal, Canada. That is where Journey was born, an electric aircraft that promises to offer the best of both helicopters and airplanes.

We can guarantee that you will never spill your martini when riding in a Jaunt Journey,” Kaydon Stanzione, CEO of Jaunt Air Mobility, was stating at the time, according to Robb Report.

That’s because this eVTOL is based on the Slowed-Rotor Compound (SRC) technology, which allows it to take off and land vertically but fly like an airplane. By reducing the rotor speed once it reaches cruise mode, drag and vibration are reduced. The results are almost imperceptible levels of noise, plus “exceptionally efficient flight.

Also, even if the aircraft sufferes a total loss of propulsion, this technology will allow it to land safely by auto-rotating or gliding.

The manufacturer announced the signing of a purchase agreement with Vertiko Mobility for 70 Journey electric aircraft and two hybrid aircraft, with an option for 25 additional units. The letter of intent will be turned into a contract by mid-2025 when manufacturing is set to begin. Until then, the prototypes will kick off flight tests next year.

In the meantime, Vertiko Mobility will focus on developing a dedicated vertiport network. The company intends to have five vertiports built by March 2025 and is currently discussing with potential partners for the construction project.

In addition to providing the Journey air taxi for a UAM network, Jaunt will also provide training for future pilots and aircraft maintenance services. The pioneering air taxi in Canada will be able to transport up to four passengers at a cruising speed of 175 mph (282 kph).

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