The Scrambler X2 Is Juiced's Newest Generation E-Bike: It's Here To Continue a Legacy

"What do you mean it wasn't a scrambler but looked like one?" "Yeah. It had the headlight, the wheels, the seat, and even the frame, but it friggin pedals and a chain, you know, like an e-bike." "Right..." "No, really, look."
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Photo: Juiced Bikes
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Folks, the two characters above are simply discussing one of their visual encounters with one of Juiced Bikes' latest additions to their lineup, the Scrambler X2, an e-bike that builds upon the existing model which has served countless Americans since 2018, the original Scrambler.

Funny enough, it even looks like the X2 is replacing the classic Scrambler as the manufacturer's website no longer offers it; just the closeout version is still up for grabs, but that's a different machine. So, without further ado, whip out those checkbooks, verify that you've got $1,500 (€1,400 at current exchange rates) ready to fly, and let's see what that money can buy.

First and foremost, what you need to consider if you're looking to get your hands on this hunk of aluminum is the fact that it can hit speeds upwards of 28 mph (45 kph), making it a Class 3 e-bike. In short, if it's speed you want, the X2 delivers without a problem.

This is made possible by a rear-mounted 1,000 W motor from Bafang, one of the godfather brands of e-bike components. Oh, this thing also peaks at 1,300 W, so you'll be accessing almost two hp of power. But this much power needs a solid juice box to ensure adequate range.

Scrambler X2
Photo: Juiced Bikes
This is where that removable battery pack comes in, the one seen strapped to the X2's down tube. Here, 15.6 amp-hours of juice are flowing at 52 volts, giving us a manufacturer-declared range of over 55 mi (88.5 km) on a full charge. Quite a bit of range from a machine that can handle up to 300 lbs (136 kg) of total payload; it weighs 71.5 lbs (32.4 kg).

Funny enough, that battery isn't just going to be fueling your motor, either. Equipped to each X2's handlebar sits a USB charger to be used for recharging your devices as you ride through town. An LCD display and controller are also found in the cockpit, allowing us to keep track of stats and mess around with speed settings.

With most of the electronics out of the way, what else does the X2 offer? Well, the whole scrambler styling isn't just about how this bike looks but also how comfortable it is. For example, the frame's top tube lifts upward toward the rear, placing riders in a rather upright position. Thank god for that large cushioned seat to soften up blows from the local terrain. The saddle is also elongated to handle a passenger.

Speaking of softening things up, part of the X2's magic also lies in the fact that it's built around 20 x 4-inch tires, or fatties, for short. These babies are great at reducing road chatter, but with a small downside: they're bouncy as hell! Yet, 4 inches of cross-section are sure to be welcomed by anyone's buttocks.

Scrambler X2 USB Charger
Photo: Juiced Bikes
Now, while the frame includes no suspension properties whatsoever, the front of the X2 is equipped with a suspension fork and one that, by the looks of some action shots on the manufacturer's website, can handle some decent abuse. Don't start thinking about airtime and all that, but you should be able to have some find on a dirt road.

As for just what this fork offers, there isn't much to go by on the manufacturer's website, but we do know that it has lockout, a feature that is essential for e-bikes and riders that often change terrains between city streets and dirt or off-road trails.

A few other features that you need to be aware of include things like the throttle functionality, five-speed settings, hydraulic brakes (essential on an e-bike), a scrambler-style headlight, and by the looks of things, you could easily figure out a way to add some cargo racks to your machine and really transform this machine into an urban mobility workhorse.

Since this is sure to mess with your X2's range, grab another battery pack and double your ridging time, theoretically. Road conditions and even the lunch you just ate will affect any EV's ability to match manufacturer-suggested distances.

Scrambler X2
Photo: Juiced Bikes
Personally, I haven't tested this machine yet, but if I'm to compare it to an existing scrambler e-bike that I have tested before, Engwe's M20, I think we may have a winner! While Engwe's M20 also included a rear shock for extra plush riding, the X2 seems to make up for that with more power and the ability to carry a passenger, something the M20 couldn't do. I've added an image or two of the M20 for comparison.

How did we get here? Well, Juiced has been around since 2009, and from the very start, Americans could tell there was something a bit different about this crew, mainly because they have a knack for whipping out e-bikes that are fast, fit into the urban landscape like a glove, and above all, won't break your bank.

As a testament to how this crew likes to roll, take in the fact that 14 years later, they're still alive and in a rather cutthroat industry at that. Looking for something to add to your Christmas list? Just $1,500.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery include other e-bikes aside from the Scrambler X2.

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