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The Russians Show the World Their Tesla Designs in Military Superpower Fashion
It is Tesla Month. With that we are here to bring you everything or as much as we can about the brand. Most importantly, where it’s going. This is one possible future. That’s if Tesla got into military...If it isn’t already.

The Russians Show the World Their Tesla Designs in Military Superpower Fashion

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Do we have any conspiracy theorists in the house? I’m sure we do. Heck, even I enjoy a good story every once in a while. What we are currently looking at is a helicopter design. But not just any helicopter design, a Tesla-branded helicopter. Even though the design has nothing to do with Tesla itself, it doesn’t keep some of us from dreaming.

This is known as the Tesla Bull and is a crazy design by one Russian gentleman known as Dmitry Loginov for a game known as Titan World. Never heard or played it, so we won’t be getting to much into that. For now, it’s about this helicopter that I would strand myself at sea intentionally, just to get picked up by this.

From the very start, you can tell the army isn’t up to building anything like this yet. We’ve maybe seen things like this only in movies.

The initial design surely is that of a modern-day helicopter, but upon closer inspection, we can see that it’s composed from a wide number of panels. Each one seems to be composed of a different material than the last and some even have an assigned function.

Let’s take the cockpit for example. The two ‘eyes’ of the vehicle are anything but see-through. If anything, they could possibly allow for sight only from within the cockpit, or they aren’t windshields at all, but actual armor. If that’s the case, then this blind bird must be relying on a number of sensors and cameras to navigate.

That wouldn’t be too absurd as the sensors and cameras I'm referring to already exist. Maybe even used by the military already, we just don’t know about it. If we do look closely at that windshield, we’ll notice a couple of handles on each side. This means it could very well be a manned aircraft.

For landing gear, this helicopter relies on the classic landing bars like older style helicopters. But as old as this style may be, this concept brings a fresh new look.

As we head towards the rear of the helicopter, we notice that the tail is shorter than other designs we’ve seen. This usually creates a much faster and more nimble helicopter. But there is a draw-back, they’re harder to control. But once you do get the hang of it, you won’t want anything less able.

At the rear we find the standard rotor design that has gone unchanged since its invention in the 1930s. But this to has seen a sharper redesign to make it more attractive. Although not sure now much more effective.

We are also shown two areas on the sides of the rear rotor. Some would think those are some sort of jet propulsion system, but I personally vouch for them being just plain ol’ taillights. But my guess it that being branded Tesla, it’s most definitely going to be electric. We know nothing as to where batteries are contained, how far it’ll take you, or how long it takes to recharge.

Nonetheless, this sort of conceptual design does have its uses. The first is the clear use in video games and CG movie scenes, but to also get us dreaming a bit. Afterall, if we don’t dream a little, what’s there to strive for? And this is a design somebody needs to strive for already.


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