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The Royal Navy Wants Its Fleet to Be Not Just Powerful, But One of the World’s Greenest

We’ve talked about many types of commercial vessels that are implementing green technologies, from luxury yachts to industrial tankers and ferries. But military ships should follow the same path, at least that’s what UK’s Royal Navy intends for its fleet operations.
HMS Spey boasts a catalytic reduction system that lowers toxic emissions 6 photos
HMS ProtectorHMS SpeyEV Charging Points at Portsmouth Naval BaseLogistics Center at Portsmouth Naval BaseHMS Glasgow
It’s way too soon to talk about battery-electric military boats or hydrogen-powered warships – these concepts might not be feasible yet. But there are many other eco-friendly strategies that can be implemented when it comes to fleet operations, and the Royal Navy seems to be leading the way.

The latest development is the inauguration of the Queen Elizabeth Carrier Forward Logistics Center in Portsmouth Naval Base, which is the Navy’s first-ever net-zero carbon building. That’s because renewable energy from the sun is used here to power everything from the computer systems to the forklift trucks operating inside.

In addition to this pioneering building, the Portsmouth Naval Base made other eco-friendly steps as well, such as the integration of electric vehicles and charging points or the construction of wind turbines. Initiatives such as these have already brought it three environmental awards, and this is just the beginning.

The Navy’s vessels are also incorporating various green features. For example, its new Type 26 frigates, a total of eight, were redesigned with hydrodynamic performance in mind, meaning that they are able to hit greater speeds without the addition of larger engines. Plus, they will sport an eco-friendly, anti-fouling paint that limits marine growth.

The Navy’s new patrol ships, HMS Tamar and HMS Spey boast catalytic reduction systems that lower the levels of nitrous oxide emissions. Other vessels, why not incorporate specific green features, and help the environment through the work that they do. For example, the famous HMS Protector icebreaker is deployed for wildlife and climate research missions.

Also, starting next year, the Navy’s ships that comply with certain sustainability standards will be recognized as such under the future Green Pennant scheme.

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