The Rinspeed Oasis Concept Questions the Status-Quo, Lets You Grow Radishes

Rinspeed is one of those companies you never know exactly what to expect from, but even so, one thing is sure: it won't be normal. The latest concept from the Swiss specialist makes no exception.
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Rinspeed Oasis conceptRinspeed Oasis concept
This little glassy blob is called the "Oasis," and as you might expect already, it's both electric and autonomous. But these two traits aren't enough to justify labeling a vehicle as futuristic anymore, so the Oasis has to produce a lot more than that if it wants to stand out from the crowd.

Well, just by gazing at it, you can tell this thing is special. Its front wheels are completely covered, making it look like a vacuum cleaner, while the greenhouse is so large, you'll start wondering what exactly is keeping it together. The prospect of a crash in the Rinspeed Oasis isn't something to look forward to, but soon enough, this kind of thinking will be considered old fashioned as autonomous cars will make accidents a thing of history.

The large windows do provide a very relaxing - if not particularly intimate - ride for those inside. The concept comes with just two seats, but they are described as "armchairs," so it's not about the quantity, but the quality. The two will have access to a TV set, a multifunctional steering wheel (for those few times somebody will actually bother to drive this thing) while the windshield will be able to project images, acting as an augmented reality tool.

The car is obviously best adapted for city life, which is why it can turn almost in place. That should make parking a doozie, especially since the driver won't have to do anything about it. The thought behind the Oasis is that the vehicle can have multiple uses throughout the day, paving the way for the sharing concept everyone's talking about lately. It can act as a small parcel delivery van, but it also has a code-protected heated compartment that can house a few pizza boxes.

But the Oasis wouldn't be a Rinspeed creation without a little touch of madness, so what bizarre feature did Frank M. Rinderknecht, its creator, bestow upon it? Well, how about a small layer of dirt under the windshield, ideal for growing "flowers or radishes"? Sure, it's not like all that humidity from the plants and wet ground is going to steam the windows. Well, at least you'll never starve or be caught off-guard when meeting a girl, depending on which of the two you decide on.
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