The Reason F1 Drivers Are Frustrated With Drive To Survive

After the launch of Netflix's own Drive To Survive (DTS) season four, Formula One drivers, team principals and many fans are frustrated with some scenes from the show. Formula 1:Drive To Survive is a documentary series made by Netflix in collaboration with F1. It is supposed to show the fans unseen footage from behind the scenes.
F1 drivers annoyed by Drive To Survive 9 photos
F1 Drive to Survive season 4 official trailerF1 Drive to Survive season 4 official trailerF1 Drive to Survive season 4 official trailerF1 Drive to Survive season 4 official trailerF1 Drive to Survive season 4 official trailerF1 Drivers frustrated with Drive To SurviveF1 Drivers frustrated with Drive To Survive-2F1 Drivers frustrated with Drive To Survive-3
It is a known fact that F1 had a hard time attracting new fans, especially younger audiences in the Bernie Ecclestone era. Since the takeover from American company Liberty Media, DTS achieved to attract so many new fans(mainly American) to the sport.

The compressing of season-long stories into single-episode narratives has drawn much praise. In addition, they are focusing more on the midfield and backfield teams and their problems, something we don't get to see in race weekends because all the eyes are usually set on title contenders.

However, after the last season launched a few days ago, DTS was very criticized because they misplaced team radios and comments, staged scenes, over-dramatizing things and created non-existing rivalries between specific drivers.

The mos spoken-out character from Formula One about the Netflix show was defending World Champion Max Verstappen. He had refused to be a part of the show since the first season, saying that they created rivalries that didn't exist and faked a lot of stuff.

Another unhappy driver to speak about the documentary series was Lando Norris. He admits he likes the insight the show gives the fans, but he accused Netflix of manipulating the footage to create a narrative.

Without a doubt, Formula 1:Drive To Survive did an excellent job for the most prestigious and elitist motorsport by attracting such a big audience in a small period of time. If they can stay true to reality and pay more attention to details, they can make everybody happy, from drivers and officials to fans worldwide.

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