Raptor Trailer Camper
The first thing that comes to my mind when looking for a sturdy camper is Australia – after all, to enjoy their vast country properly, Aussies need to come prepared with rugged vehicles. And they have done precisely so – one of the brands I recently discovered is Royal Flair Caravans. Let's look at one of their campers and see how it fares against other RVs out there.

The Raptor Off-Road Trailer Camper Blends Luxury With Impressive Toy-Hauling Capabilities

Raptor Trailer Camper ExteriorRaptor Trailer Camper ExteriorRaptor Trailer Camper ExteriorRaptor Trailer Camper ExteriorRaptor Trailer Camper ExteriorRaptor Trailer Camper ExteriorRaptor Trailer Camper ExteriorRaptor Trailer Camper ExteriorRaptor Trailer Camper ExteriorRaptor Trailer Camper ExteriorRaptor Trailer Camper ExteriorRaptor Trailer Camper ExteriorRaptor Trailer Camper ExteriorRaptor Trailer Camper Exterior
Royal Flair Caravans was founded in 1975, and it follows a simple mission: "Arrive with Flair, Stay in Luxury." With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, it produces high-quality caravans for the Australian Market, with an emphasis on interior details.

The company has a wide range of mobile homes with varying sizes and functions - their latest caravan is the Raptor, which blends luxury with the versatility of a toy hauler. There are eight floor plans available, but today I'll be looking at the Raptor 16'6, the second largest setup for the vehicle.

Before we go any further, let me tell you about pricing, as it's usually a significant buying factor. According to Caravan Camping Sales, the Raptor pricing starts at A$110,520 ($76,944), although this is for a smaller floor plan. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any information on the floor plan I'm discussing today, although you can expect it to be more expensive. What's more, Royal Flair Caravans only has dealer locations throughout Australia and New Zealand, but if you're really keen on getting this camper, you might be able to sort out a solution with the company to get it shipped to your location.

As you might have guessed from its name, this Raptor version measures 198" (5,030 mm) in length. It boasts a 92" (2,325 mm) width and a 104" (2,650 mm) height. The RV tips the scales at 6,239 lbs (2,830 kg), with an ATM (Aggregated Total Mass) of 8,113 lbs (3,680 kg). It's designed to fit two people comfortably, so if you're looking to hit the road with your partner or your friend, keep reading to see if this is a good fit for you.

Raptor Trailer Camper Exterior
The Raptor sits on a galvanized steel chassis and features a fiberglass body – this material provides a win-win situation for both manufacturers and customers. Because it is versatile and easy to shape, manufacturers can give the vehicle an aerodynamic design with a lighter weight than other materials. Furthermore, it'll have improved stability and fuel economy. But perhaps the best part about fiberglass is that it's extremely strong and durable, able to withstand harsh elements with little maintenance. If you get your hands on a fiberglass camper, you can rest assured that, with proper care, it will probably outlive you.

You'll discover an Alko Enduro X airbag suspension, which will make parking on rough terrain a breeze. It's connected to 16-inch wheels featuring 12-inch electric brakes. Let me tell you what else you can find on its exterior.

The Raptor comes equipped with a Thule electric awning, which perfectly covers the trailer's side – that's also where you'll find some storage spaces and a picnic table, and you can opt for a BBQ or kitchen slide-out. Toward the front, there are two gas bottle holders, along with some extra storage boxes. You can also upgrade with stone guards, which are especially useful to protect the gas canisters. Other notable details are the checker plate panels and an outdoor shower.

But perhaps the best part about the Raptor's exterior is the large fold-up tray at its rear, which can be lowered electronically. Hidden away behind it are some little storage boxes and a spare wheel, a must-have for off-road exploring.

Raptor Trailer Camper Exterior
If you're a quad or dirt bike enthusiast, this feature will surely come in handy, as you can easily strap them there and embark on an adventure. Otherwise, multiple bikes can also be attached, or you can simply use it as storage. The trailer also comes with a roof rack and a customizable rear ladder, and you can go for an additional roof storage option, ideal for kayaks, dinghies, or fishing equipment.

But enough about its exterior, let's see what you can find inside - the Raptor boasts a modern look with a white aesthetic blended with wooden elements. As soon as you enter, you'll notice the bathroom on the left. It features a small sink, a mirror, cabinets, and a decently sized shower cabin. Royal Flair fitted the Raptor with black fixtures, bathroom included, which offer a pleasant contrast to the white interior.

The kitchen is divided into two sections, one on each side of the trailer. It comes with a gas stovetop and oven, a large sink, and a bunch of cabinets, both above and below the counters. There's also a sizeable fridge complete with a freezer and a massive pantry that can double as a wardrobe if needed. The countertop space is a bit cramped, but it's probably enough to prepare food for two. What's more, the wide window allows you to cook and take in nature's view, and it also lets a bunch of light shine inside.

You'll discover the lounge area is located toward the rear of the trailer – it features a leather upholstered sofa with a retractable swivel table in the center. This space also doubles as a bedroom, and the transformation is straightforward. You don't even have to start moving the cushions, as the conversion happens at the touch of a button. The electronic mechanism allows you to quickly lower the mattress and set up the bed, leaving enough room for you not to feel cramped.

Raptor Trailer Camper Exterior
As I mentioned earlier, there are many floor plans for the Raptor – the one I presented today sleeps only two. Other variants provide additional sleeping spaces in the form of bunk beds, and the amenities can be arranged differently. That's a nice thing about Royal Flair Caravans – you can find the setup that best suits your needs.

What's similar in the multiple versions of the Raptor is its equipment and utilities; many systems make mobile living more enjoyable. You'll discover 12 V and USB sockets both outside and inside, which are powered by a 200 Ah battery pack connected to a 2600 W inverter. Going off-grid is possible via the two roof 200 W solar panels, and the roof A/C will help keep the air nice and fresh inside the trailer.

The Raptor is fitted with three water tanks, two of which are 17-gallon (65-liter) and a larger one of 25-gallon (95 liters), while grey water is stored in a 16-gallon (62-liter) tank. A gas/electric water system allows you to enjoy a hot shower, which we all know how great it feels after a long day. Moreover, the trailer offers other methods of unwinding – for instance, you can blast some tunes on the internal and external speakers or sit back and watch a movie on the 24-inch TV.

The multiple decal options reflect the RV's name and are nice touches that might attract a few curious looks. For instance, there's one featuring claws and claw marks on the trailer's side, along with a picture of a dinosaur on the front.

Raptor Trailer Camper Exterior
Overall, this trailer camper will offer a premium camping experience. Admittedly, it could boast more features, but it's certainly enough to enjoy life on the road, although its cost might prove a bit too much for some. However, if you're looking for a better-equipped, all-inclusive trailer, you can take a look at another Aussie vehicle I recently covered, the Provincial Senator, which sits in the same price range.

You can check out more information about the Raptor, its floor plans, or other Royal Flair caravans on the brand's official website. There, you can also take 3D tours to understand the interior arrangements better.

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