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The RangeRunner Camper May Seem Bare, but It's an Awesome Canvas for Your Off-Grid Ideas
"Baby! Let's get a camper!" "What!? Uh, do you know how expensive those things can be?" "Yeah, I do, but check this out. For just a tad over $7K and a little bit extra to make it our own, we can start with this here 'RangeRunner.' Look."

The RangeRunner Camper May Seem Bare, but It's an Awesome Canvas for Your Off-Grid Ideas

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Folks, the couple above are both correct in stating their opinions on campers, but today we'll be exploring the RangeRunner camper trailer from Runaway Campers. Why bring up another camper? Well, a couple of reasons, and one huge one is that this sucker will cost you a measly $7,145 (€6,760 at current exchange rates). Sure, you'll basically get a box with wheels for that price, but it leaves plenty of room for customization, offering you a bare canvas upon which to paint your idea of an adventurous lifestyle.

Let's say you're the decision-maker in the home. If that's the case, I want you to pretend that you've agreed to buy this machine for your glamping adventures. Now, here's how things may unfold for you folks. First of all, you won't be buying just a box on wheels; I was kidding. The trailer and shell have seen some attention in terms of build and capabilities. The interior is rather bare, though, but that's a plus side as you can create your ideal interior, even play the part of an interior decorator or designer.

Each RangeRunner shell is completed using nothing more than fiberglass panels and aluminum trim to help seal edges. That's all then set upon a steel frame with a 3,500-pound (1,587-kilogram) Dexter RV axle, so hauling it after you on some dusty backroads shouldn't be an issue. With diamond plate fenders and some rock protection, the RangeRunner's shell is basically complete. Best of all, the average weight for one of these suckers is just 765 lbs (346 kg), so your grandma's Camry should do the trick just fine.

With a receipt in hand and a trailer in your possession, what now? It's time to start tacking on things you may need to live off-grid. Seeing as how the interior is rather bare, you will need to bring along things like a mattress for sleeping (I recommend a modular one), a cooktop and cooler, and yes, a porta-potty too. You'll be able to work with a space 70.5 inches (179 centimeters) wide, 94.5 inches (240 centimeters) long, and up to 46 inches (117 centimeters) tall. If the campgrounds you'll be spending your weekends have those facilities in place, all the better. Standard, Runaway Campers does include a 5,000 BTU AC unit to help keep you cool during warm days. Sure, it's not a very powerful AC unit, but the space it'll be cooling isn't very large either.

Luckily, this campers construction does leave plenty of room to add extras like that galley I mentioned, but it can also be equipped with things like a roof rack, awnings, and even extra windows. Heck, some of these babies have even been spotted with bike racks and possibly even rooftop tents. Do check with Runaway Campers about that last feature.

Now, I've mentioned that such a basic structure is perfect for folks who want to express their own tastes and craftsmanship. To get an idea of what's possible, check out the gallery and see what owners of RangeRunners have been able to do with the space provided and just a dash of soul.

As for the crew that's behind the RangeRunner, it's American-born and raised Runaway Campers, a family-owned business based out of Florida. Their aim? Simple, "Our main focus is not products and profits... but people." That should give you some idea of the care you'll receive once you've driven off the lot.

At the end of the day, it may seem like nothing more than hearsay that the off-grid life is expensive. Then again, this sort of lifestyle isn't for everyone; some folks just really can't live without a bidet and crocodile skin seating.

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