The Range Extended BMW i3 Doesn’t Qualify for White Sticker in California

The BMW i3 is ready to take on the street of the USA but it seems like rules and regulations might make its life a bit harder. According to and later confirmed by BMW NA itself, the Range Extended i3 doesn’t qualify for the Green Sticker in California.
BMW i3 1 photo
Photo: BMW
What does this mean? Well, it means that the REx i3 will not be allowed in the much coveted Car Pool lanes and it will miss out on a lot of other amenities too, just because the government changed its mind.

The Green Stickers are limited to 40,000 units and 25,000 of them are already gone. Until the i3 arrives in the states, the other 15,000 could be gone, leaving you out. The reason for this change of heart is the reconsideration of the internal combustion engine fitted on it that emits some CO2 (figure that!).

However, the all-electric i3 will be eligible for the White Stickers that are unlimited. BMW’s response to the matter is posted in the press release section, below.
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