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The Quick Neo Is a Two-Wheeling EV Meant to Make Your Legs Hurt: Time to Walk Funny
One of the fastest growing off-shoots of cycling is the e-bike sector. With that, we're bound to see endless designs promising to be the answer to all your needs. So, where to begin? A two-wheeler that looks like it has the stuff is Cannondale's Quick Neo SL 1, an electrified monster with quite a kick.

The Quick Neo Is a Two-Wheeling EV Meant to Make Your Legs Hurt: Time to Walk Funny

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Folks, the specimen before us is the Quick Neo SL 1. It's a two-wheeling, road-crushing, electrified two-wheeler from one of the world's leading cycle manufacturers, Cannondale. Why is it a big deal? Simply because it boasts some rather capable hardware, fitness-ready geometry, and a price to match $2,975 (€ 3,080 at current exchange rates). Sure, that may sound like quite the price to be paying for an aluminum bicycle, but I beg you to continue reading and draw a conclusion by the end once you have some information on which to base your decision.

By now, you've already picked up on a few aspects that make this bicycle what it is. You know it's built to keep you in shape, hence the fitness aspect of the SL 1, and that it's made from aluminum. But, a few traits need to be added to that list, and the dropped seat stay offers part of the magic. It's a feature ripped off Cannondale's gravel machines and designed to absorb any bumps and vibrations that the rear tire may experience. A fork of carbon fiber is then added to reduce vibrations taken up by the front wheel. Considering this bike is meant to stick to asphalt, it should do just fine.

As for the goodies powering your experience, the SL 1 is equipped with a Mahle ebikemotion X35 drivetrain and battery system. Here's where things get juicy. I've had the pleasure of testing an X35 before, strapped to an Urwahn Platzhirsch, and I must say, it's one of the most natural e-systems around; you'll see what I mean shortly.

This is achieved with a rear hub motor that runs at 250 watts and can assist your pedaling up to speeds dictated by local guidelines and regulations. For me, that speed was 25.5 kph (16 mph), but your legs should be able to top that with ease. Best of all, this motor doesn't eliminate that feeling you get from riding a normal bike; your legs will still feel the burn once you've clocked in those miles.

Speaking of miles, with the presence of a 250-watt-hour battery, the SL 1 can achieve a range of 75 kilometers (47 miles). That's more than enough to have your recharging once every three days or so if you ride around 15-20 kilometers (9-12 miles) per day. For the average Joe like you and most of our readers, that should be more than enough range to explore and keep that heart rate raised. And yes, Shimano is the crew that completes your shifting experience with a 1X10-speed drivetrain and 11-42T range.

One of the downsides that I could spot in the SL 1's design is the lack of any cargo rack mounts. This means that all you'll be able to do is use this bugger close to home. Since the battery pack is integrated into the frame, 47-mile round trips are all you'll be able to achieve. Nonetheless, it should be just right for laps around the neighborhood, on a local velodrome, or through your city.

Now, all of that is because of the knowledge that Cannondale brings to the table. Considering that this crew has been shaping the cycling industry since 1971 through constant R&D and innovation, you can bet your bottom dollar that the trinkets they spit out are tested and true to what they can achieve. If this manufacturer delivered a product anything short of the expectations they raised, you wouldn't be seeing them carrying countless athletes across finish lines.

Again, you're being asked to pay a tad more for the SL 1 than you would, let's say, an electric beach cruiser, but you can clearly see the differences in capacities and purpose. Beach cruisers are for the laid-back and chill human, while the Quick Neo SL 1 is for folks that want to walk funny once they've climbed out of the saddle.

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