The Queen’s Frigate to Kick Off an Extended Security Mission in the Gulf

It’s an exciting and emotional moment when a warship gets ready to depart on an international mission. Earlier this week, it was HMS Lancaster’s turn to leave the UK behind, setting off on a three-year mission in the Gulf.
HMS Lancaster is beginning a three-year mission in Bahrain 7 photos
HMS Lancaster Departs for BahrainHMS Lancaster Departs for BahrainHMS Lancaster During 2021 Arctic PatrolHMS Lancaster During 2021 Arctic PatrolHMS Lancaster Departs for BahrainHMS Lancaster Departs for Bahrain
HMS Lancaster left its home base to travel to Bahrain, where it will operate for the next three years. Making sure that UK shipping, in particular, unfolds smoothly in the area will be its main job. But it will also keep an eye on potentially dangerous activities such as drug smuggling and the proliferation of arms.

But the frigate isn’t sailing straight to its future base. During the journey, it will take part in several important operations in European and Mediterranean waters. These will consist mainly of patrol tasks, carried out together with 2 NATO task forces - Standing Group 1, operating in the waters of Northern Europe, and Standing Group 2, active from the Pillars of Hercules to the Red Sea.

Perhaps the most exciting activity for HMS Lancaster before fully engaging in its new deployment is the upcoming REPMUS. These are NATO’s biggest autonomous war games, scheduled to begin this September, off the coast of Portugal. According to the Royal Navy, more than 40 autonomous crewless systems operating both above, below, and on the water will be tested during this massive exercise. And HMS Lancaster will be one of the conventional warships cooperating with unmanned aircraft and boats.

HMS Lancaster is a Type 23 vessel, boasting a speed of over 7,800 nautical miles (8,976 miles/14,445 km) and a maximum speed of 28 knots (32.2 mph/51.8 kph). All ships in this class are named after Dukes. Since Her Majesty the Queen is also the current Duke of Lancaster, this warship is mostly known as “the Queen’s frigate.” It was launched in 1990 but recently underwent a major refit that will allow it to continue its service for years to come.

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