The ProCarSaver Is Like a Black Box for Your Car

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We all know about the little black box that airplanes come equipped with. The one that records everything in case of an eventual emergency. Yeah, that. That little piece of hardware has shed some light into a diverse number of issues that can arise during flights.
But this isn’t about planes. This is about cars. Cars didn't seem to have any sort of equipment that shed light into how a possible accident may have occurred, until now. Ladies and gentlemen, the ProCarSaver is promising to do just that.

This device came about like most other products that offer us something, it meets a need. And that need was to understand and see what happened before, during, and after a vehicle's malfunction or implication in a collision. The only way we’ve been figuring out what went wrong in such settings is through detective work around the scene of an accident, dashcams, or in maintenance shops.

Detective work can and usually does work as history tends to repeat itself, so a basis of signs to look for on the scene of an accident does exist and offer a pretty good indication of what happened. But let’s say that after an accident, one of the drivers claims that a malfunction is his vehicle forced it to speed up to a stoplight. A pretty far-fetched scenario, but when we consider the growing amount of tech in our cars, we must also consider the increase in potential hardware or software malfunction.

Photo: Bluecal
But the we can just do a diagnostic check and that info should be available. Until recently, we’ve only been able to run diagnostics checks while visiting maintenance shops. These shops have been the way for us to truly see how our cars are functioning and within what parameters. But shops aren’t the best way to feed real-time data as it's all in a controlled setting. Real life is un-controlled, chaotic, and always the best field in which to test the true worth of your vehicle.

With this in mind, the team at Bluecal have designed the ProCarSaver in order to track and analyze internal diagnostics while the vehicle is in use. But how does this help the user? Well, let's say the scenario of you speeding through a red light while trying to stop did happen, but no one believes you. Not a problem.

You take out your smart phone and open the ProCarSaver app and show all diagnostics 30 seconds before the accident and a minute after. Here, the detective on the scene takes a look at the info, sends it in for further investigation, and in two weeks your insurance company covers all costs as the accident had occurred due to a manufacturer malfunction.

Photo: Bluecal
However, this little trinket does go further than that. As it records all energy consumption your car may be operating on, if you do ever need to go to a maintenance shop to get a yearly check-up, the ProCarSaver offers you technician all the necessary info to understand exactly where why car could be losing power.

More than this, it also helps to identify if the driver is actually the problem. Let's say your car's fuel efficiency is worse than normal, the Saver tells you how much you usually punch it. Or if your brakes aren't kicking in when they should, not to worry, the Saver will identify what the issue is.

Honestly, for the 69$ it will cost once it goes on sale, it’s worth having a trinket like this in your car. These days, you just never know what component may skip a beat while you're in a school zone.

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