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The Phoney Case Will Cure Your in-Car Phone Addiction and Give You Nightmares

Governmental agencies and fun are not two things that go together very well. It's almost as if there is a "stuck-up test" you need to pass if you want to work for one of these where they bombard you with jokes and hunt for the faintest trail of a smile on your face.
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That's not entirely a bad thing. These people are dealing with public funds, so we expect them to make our lives better by other means than making us laugh. Leave that to the comedians, and you stick to building better roads, nicer schools and stuff like that.

There are a few of these government official institutions that don't follow the rule, though, and the New Zealand Transport Agency is definitely one of them. We've featured their creations before, and when they're not scaring us with horrible crash tests, they're releasing funny videos that try to deal with bad driving habits.

There was that one that went into the heads of stoned drivers and showed us what they were thinking about (spoiler: not the road ahead) and also the one that employed the old awkward, unexpected human contact to deter drivers from checking their phones on the move.

This new one is actually a sequel to the latter as it tackles the situations where you're not in the car to block the person at the wheel from grabbing the device. It involves a device called the "Phoney Case," and it's creepy as hell.

Assuming for a second it was real, the Phoney Case is essentially a smartphone case in the shape of a human hand. The gadget is embedded in it, and there's even a tiny hole under the index and middle finger for the camera. You might look a tad weird taking the shot, but at least you won't lose the moment trying to extract the phone out of its case.

But because it "feels just like real skin," it is also useful to remind the driver of that embarrassing moment you touched hands and make them put it back on the steering wheel where it belongs. At least that's the plan because, as the clip suggests, there are "a myriad other uses benefits" to the Phoney Case, some of which might be even less safe in the car than actually browsing Facebook.

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