The Peacock Tiny House Is How Modern Travelers Enjoy the Desert Experience

Renting out tiny homes is a relatively new trend, but seeing how the tiny house movement is continuing its rapid growth, thanks mainly to its great potential from a sustainability and carbon footprint point of view, it makes complete sense to see more and more people looking to invest in such properties in order to turn them into vacation rentals.
The Peacock tiny house 20 photos
Photo: Old Hippie Woodworking
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Moreover, modern travelers are more conscious about the environment and are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable places to stay in, from off-grid glamping spots to unique mini-guesthouses that allow them to experience nature at its finest and enjoy a guilt-free vacation.

Tiny houses, with their unique style and feel, are an excellent alternative to traditional hotel accommodations. Today, we are going to look at a beautiful desert hideaway with a cool rooftop deck and rustic aesthetic - the Peacock tiny house rental.

Designed and built by Old Hippie Woodworking, the Peacock is one of two mini-dwellings that welcome guests at the Sandy Valley Ranch located in the middle of the gorgeous Mojave desert surrounding Las Vegas.

The Peacock tiny house
Photo: Old Hippie Woodworking
Before diving deeper into what this stunning mobile tiny home has to offer, let me tell you a few words about the people who created it. Old Hippie Woodworking is a company specializing in creating upscale recreational environments. It was founded by Rob Millar, an outdoors enthusiast with a degree in fine arts and extensive experience in carpentry. His and his team’s aim is to create environments inspired by nature that facilitate a more profound connection with your surroundings, and the Peacock is a great example of how they achieved it.

Built on a 20-foot (6-meter) trailer, the tiny house is 8.5 feet (2.6 meters) wide, but on the back, the staircase hangs on the outside, and the loft also goes two feet over the tongue.

If you were to see this mini-guesthouse in person, the first thing you would be tempted to do is climb the outside stairs leading to the rooftop deck and enjoy the incredible desert views. The deck is actually protected by a wooden railing, so we can easily call it a balcony.

The Peacock tiny house
Photo: Old Hippie Woodworking
It is also an excellent spot to watch the sun go down after a scorching hot summer day and then gaze at the starry sky before heading to bed. It is decorated with two garden chairs and two amazing coffee tables that actually have paintings as tabletops. It is a nice feature that not only provides a space to embrace the tranquility of the desert but also expands the opportunities for entertaining.

A second smaller deck serves as the landing for the entrance into the house, and a wooden staircase connects the two decks.

When you step inside, you will discover a cozy, heartwarming cabin with a western cowboy feel and Mexican-inspired decor. It features beautiful custom-made furniture pieces and detailed woodwork throughout that enhance the homey feel. The wood panel walls have been painted white to give the illusion of space, and the ceiling has beautiful exposed beams that add a tinge of rustic charm.

There aren’t too many windows, but they are just the right size to let natural light flood the interior. Some of them feature stained glass with intricate motifs that add to the uniqueness of the design, while others are adorned with stylish curtains with flower prints.

The Peacock tiny house
Photo: Old Hippie Woodworking
Upon entering the house, you will find yourself standing in the living room. It includes a custom-made extendable couch with storage compartments underneath. It can be converted into a full-size bed, offering additional sleeping space for guests. There is an area adjacent to the entrance door that can be used either as a dining table or a work desk, and a big window next to it allows you to watch outside. Opposite this stunning redwood table, a wooden staircase leads to the lofted bedroom.

The kitchen is at the front of the Peacock house and features large all-wood storage cabinets with butcher block counters, a sink, a stove, a refrigerator, and a two-burner induction cooktop. An artsy ceramic sink, painted tiles, and unique ceramic light fittings and power plugs add pops of color to this space, making it look lively and inviting.

Besides the generous cabinets, storage space is also provided by some open shelves, ideal for holding spice jars, dinnerware, potted plants, and whatnot.

The Peacock tiny house
Photo: Old Hippie Woodworking
The Peacock follows the traditional tiny house layout where you have the kitchen and bathroom next to each other in order to utilize the plumbing in one area. The bathroom is small, but it has all the basics, including a standing shower, a sink, and an RV toilet.

The sleeping loft is quite spacious and comfortably fits a queen size mattress and two side tables. The mattress is flanked by two big windows that allow guests to take in the views even when they’re in bed. A gorgeous stained glass window is right above the bed and has a peacock painted on it - the logo for this unique tiny house.

The Peacock is available for rent on Airbnb, and the owner says it is pretty popular among travelers who want to enjoy the desert experience.

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