The Odd Pedalist Velomobile Might Take You to Work Soon

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Photo: Gizmag
Pedalist velomobilePedalist velomobile interior
When you typically think of a velomobile, a low slung lightweight silhouette is what comes to mind first, fitted with skinny bicycle wheels, pedals and a rudimentary steering of some sort. Same can be said about the Pedalist; however, it comes with a twist...
Or better said, with an elongation, since “tall and skinny” is what better describes Virtue Cycle Solutions’ newest creation, which recently got spotted by Gizmag at the Interbike 2014 show in Las Vegas.

As with the rest of its kin, the Pedalist velomobile is constructed on a lightweight tubular frame, but it’s designed for a more up-standing position, like on a normal bicycle, which explains why its polycarbonate body is that tall and narrow. It almost looks like a vehicle born out of a cartoon.

But why would you chose this instead of a normal bicycle? The decisive factor might be the fact that you’re protected from the elements and car drivers will spot you easier on the road. But it comes with other features to lure you in as well, like the battery powered headlights and turn signals, the fact that it can enter through a door and the possibility to add an electric motor to aid with hill-climbing.

Total weight of the thing is said to be around 91 kg (200 lb). Virtue is currently looking for an investor in order to turn the Pedalist into a mass-produced green commuting vehicle, hoping to achieve this before the end of 2015. The only bad thing is that they’re targeting a price between $3,500 to $3,900, which seems a bit steep for a tall plastic pedal car.
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