The New VW Scirocco Could've Looked Like This, if Most People Weren't Into Crossovers

It wasn’t the most exciting car ever made by Volkswagen, nor the most engaging to drive, but there was a specific vibe sent by the Scirocco that remains unmatched to this day.
2023 VW Scirocco - Rendering 6 photos
2023 VW Scirocco - Rendering2023 VW Scirocco - Rendering2023 VW Scirocco - Rendering2023 VW Scirocco - Rendering2023 VW Scirocco - Rendering
Ever since the first generation entered production back in 1974, it was based on the same platform as the Golf. Its successor arrived in 1981, and used the more modern underpinnings of its more mainstream sibling, and the one that everyone remembers best came to life in Portugal from 2008 to 2017.

Beneath the pretty metal sheet laid the same construction as the one used on the Golf Mk6, Eos, and second-gen SEAT Leon. It was offered with various TDI diesel units, because not many people were concerned about the polluting aspect of oil burners back then, as well as several 1.4- and 2.0-liter gasoline mills, all of which were topped in terms of power by the 265 ps (261 hp / 195 kW) in the Scirocco R.

Assembly of the Scirocco ended altogether in 2017, and there have been rumors ever since about a possible comeback, first using the same foundation stone as the Golf Mk7, and then the Mk8. However, it is very clear at this point that it has zero chances of returning from the dead, especially as we know it, as a gasoline-powered three-door sporty hatchback. Given VW’s naming scheme for electric vehicles, we doubt that it will make a comeback even as a zero-emission crossover, though in the end, anything could happen.

Meanwhile, the Volkswagen Scirocco has been imagined once again, this time by Kolesa, and it is based on the latest Golf. It retains the same shape up to a point, making due with a slightly shorter wheelbase, and featuring new front and rear ends that are much prettier than those of the real thing. Calling it a niche product in today’s market would be an overstatement. It has two fewer doors, hence why it won’t sell like hotcakes, and why the German company won’t make one. But do you think they should give it another shot?


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