The New Horex VR6 Classic to Make Appearance at EICMA This Year

Horex VR6 Classic sketch 3 photos
Photo: 3C Carbon Group
Horex VR6 Classic sketchHorex VR6 Classic sketch
We announced that 3C Carbon Group had already showed some sketches of the new Horex VR6 bike they plan to build, and today a new rumor surfaces to add more good news. Apparently, the all-new machine might be present at EICMA this November, in all its revised glory.
The German premium bike manufacturer Horex has been struggling quite a lot during the past years, but it looks like the customers have not exactly rushed to spend €25,000 ($28,000) on a motorcycle. Horex has never managed to sell enough of these bikes to break even and debts accumulated, eventually leading to bankruptcy.

The scenario is not unlike what Erik Buell Racing or Gas Gas had to deal with recently. Still, Horex was lucky to have 3C Carbon stepping in with a plan that might work. 3C Carbon decided to make certain revisions to the VR6 machine, shaving off some weight and modifying the exhaust.

Price and servicing seem to be the main areas that need some refining

If anything, the former version of the VR6 Classic was nowhere near ugly. Still Karsten Jerschke of 3C Carbon said that the bike could look much better with more suitable silencers, hence the sketch that reportedly depicts how the new roadster might look like.

Each slash-cut silencer gathers three headers for a more compact and aggressive look, and the bike is also said to have lost some weight. The aural presence of the VR6 Classic is also rumored to have been significantly improved with the addition of these silencers, too, while a larger exhaust manifold improves power.

Now, aesthetics was hardly a reason for Horex not selling too many bikes. The price and the after-sales servicing, on the other hand, have definitely played a significant role in Horex' (lack of) sales.

If 3C Carbon can deliver a bike for a more affordable price, things might improve at a very satisfactory rate. We'll most likely find out more about the new Horex VR6 Classic roadster this fall, ahead of the bike being presented art EICMA 2015 in Milan.
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