The New Fiat 500 Facelift Imagined in Trekking Uniform Looks Like a Bad Idea

Fiat's Cinquecento was never a car for the adventurous clientele unless adventure meant to travel on narrow and crowded city streets trying to sneak between other cars and save precious time.
Fiat 500 Trekking 1 photo
With the Fiat 500 facelift's arrival, the familiar Italian mini-ride got the breath of air it deserved and needed at the same time, to keep up with the competition.

Still, that doesn't make the Fiat 500 a car you would take outside the city, and it goes without saying that back roads and broken stretches of asphalt or gravel are out of the question.

However, since Opel/Vauxhall showed us even small urban vehicles could earn the appearance of a crossover courtesy of the Adam Rocks, we present you this: the Fiat 500 Trekking.

It won't make it in production because it's not even an official rendering or concept from Fiat. X-Tomi Design manipulated the image you see above by using the facelifted 2016 Fiat 500 as starting canvas.

Compared to the real deal, this imaginary Fiat 500 Trekking received a set of exterior components that make it look tougher than its "La Dolce Vita" DNA allows it to be. There's a beefed-up front bumper promising to take car of the car's front, along with plastic cladding for the side skirts and wheel arches, topped-off by a set of offroad-wannabe rims.

We wouldn't take neither this Fiat Trekker nor the real-life Cinquecento outside urban areas for the same reason you don't remove a fish from the ocean and expect it to thrive in a tree. But who knows, maybe some customers would like a manlier Fiat 500, despite us thinking it would be a bad idea.


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