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The New Age of Travel Trailers Is Here: Knaus Azur Features a Self-Healing Skin and Frame
Every year, manufacturers of all sorts of goods and toys announce what they feel will be the highlight of the new generation of gear. This is true for the RV industry as well, and we're now starting to see just what 2023 will bring.

The New Age of Travel Trailers Is Here: Knaus Azur Features a Self-Healing Skin and Frame

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One crew that's dropping all sorts of hot new designs is Knaus, the famed German RV manufacturer that's been shaping this industry since 1960. In that time, this manufacturer has grown to be one of the leading crews in terms of just about any camper style and motorhome you can think of, and the way they achieve this is through relentless R&D.

One result of so many years in this domain is the updated Knaus Azur, a caravan or travel trailer that is really unlike any we may have seen so far. After all, when is the last time you heard of an RV with self-healing technology? That's what I thought. Considering that Knaus has just unveiled this tech in July, it's possible that this is fresh news. Time to see what's in store for lovers of the off-grid life.

Now, as I've mentioned, Knaus is a crew that's always tinkering away at their tech and RVs, and this Azur is one of the newest announced machines for the new year. So, to stand apart from previous models and styles, some even of the same name, this manufacturer is now employing fresh tech in building the habitat, one of which is the self-healing frame I mentioned.

It's not entirely clear what this means, but Knaus does mention that this Fibre Frame is one that needs no bolts or screws and is formed from multiple parts that are bonded together. Since it's a self-supporting frame, it also eliminates countless pounds of weight and is more structurally stable and durable. At least that's the scoop; until someone starts taking these babies out for testing, we'll have to just believe everything we're told.

Part two of this redesigned frame is that once an RV is retired, sold, or dismembered, rarely are parts of it reused. In the case of the Fibre Frame tech, once an RV has lived its life, parts of it will be able to be reused, recycled, and repurposed.

But what about self-healing? Since I wasn't part of the development team for this project, all I can say is that the new manufacturing process results in parts and surfaces that can repair pressure marks and dents with nothing more than some heat. I believe BMW and a couple of other automakers may have also been working with such materials and surfaces.

Inside the new models, something fresh and new is going on here too. Since the frame eliminates some components, the interior of the Azur comes across as roomy and is decked out in classic Knaus style, minimalist but not lacking in any features one may need off-grid. In this case, what up to six people may need.

Sure, there are spaces like a galley, interior bathroom, modular dinette, and bedroom, but the way everything is distributed results in an RV that isn't just fresh but will allow all six of those guests to play out their wildest camping fantasies.

As for off-grid systems and functions, it's a travel trailer like all others before it, so expect to find countless cargo and storage options inside and outside the unit, but if you feel you want to go the extra mile with features like solar power, possibly even a generator, just let old Knaus know what you want, and they'll do their best to accommodate your needs and dreams. All for an extra buck, of course.

Speaking of bucks, it's not yet clear just how much this new frame tech will run you, but Knaus has always been about offering primo luxury gear to the outdoor lover, so bring along that checkbook or your limitless credit card. Just a little something-something to keep you busy this afternoon.

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