The “Mula” From Fulgur Cycles Destroys All Known Notions of an e-MTB

Only one word to start this whole thing off: wow! We’ve seen quite a few e-MTBs these past few months, but somehow this one managed to get away. Until now.
Mula Enduro E-MTB 8 photos
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Folks, what you see in the cover photo, video below, and gallery is known as the Mula by Italy's Fulgur Cycles. Just to bring you up to speed, the least expensive setup for this bike starts out at $8,125 (€6,700), while the most expensive topples the scales with a price tag of $10,790 (€8,900) at the time of writing this article. But why the hell is this Italian-made enduro e-bike so damn expensive?

Well, to start things off, it's got a carbon fiber frame. Yes, every single nook and cranny on this beastly frame is carbon. As far as what sort of carbon or layering techniques have been used in its construction, we have nothing. It would seem the team is quite hush-hush about how they do things over in Europe. All we’re given is a few photos, and a very short spec list.

Don't worry though, we think we’ve got this figured out. One thing we need to point out is the removable battery built into the down tube. Unlike other brands you may have heard of on our site, there is no specified manufacturer for the battery. All we are told is it’s a 504Wh lithium-ion battery pack that has the ability to add an extra range extender of 250 to 380Wh. That’s over 800 possible Wh of juice. Personally, I feel you’ll probably run out of juice way before this bike does.

Mula Enduro E\-MTB
But why so much energy? It's simple: range and power. Those are the only two aspects that really count when taking into account something like this. Oh, and then there’s suspension too, but we’ll touch base on that shortly. As for the power that will be sucking the juice right out of the can, a raging Polini MX motor with 250W nominal and 500W peak power is available.

This seemingly small motor comes in with a weight of 6.2 lbs (2.85 kg) and crunches out 70 Nm (51.6 lb-ft) of torque. If you think that may not be up to standards, please note that Fulgur and Polini won the first race of the 2020 E-Bike Enduro Italian Championship.

As I mentioned earlier, the next set of components that are key whenever building any MTB, for that matter, is the suspension. At the front, taking care of all 44 lbs (20 kg) the bike weighs and its rider is an Ohlins RXF 36 fork with 160 mm (6.3 in) of travel.

Mula Enduro E\-MTB
The rear shock, however, is a bit tricky. I think this is where some of the price variation comes in because you have the choice of either a Cane Creek, Ohlins, or RockShox 160 mm (6.3 in) rear shock. I don’t know about you guys, but the only one I haven’t ridden is a Cane Creek, so I'd try that one out; maybe have an Ohlins for backup.

Another price variation may be found with the brakes as we have the choice of either 2-piston or 4-piston Formula Cura at our disposal. One thing we know nothing about is the drivetrain. No mention of what could be the powerhouse behind derailleurs and shifters. Maybe we'll get to find out later this year.

Whoever may be the manufacturer behind the secondary components, I honestly don’t care too much. After all, look at this thing, it just screams ‘ride me’. But you better have that checkbook ready because shipping is going to hurt right now.


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