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The Most Awesome Police Supercars Prowl the Streets of Dubai at Night

What do you do after you've assembled the most amazing fleet of supercars in police liver ever, including Ferraris and Bugattis? Why, you get all of them together in one place and start patrolling the streets like a pack of Autobots hunting Decepticons.
The Most Awesome Police Supercars Prowl the Streets of Dubai at Night - Video 1 photo
The guys over at the Dubai Police just released a big-budget video shot in 4K resolution where the dozen-or-so supercars that have recently joined the force are driven like they're supposed to. Seeing McLarens and Lambos with sirens is almost like a nightmare scene from a Need for Speed game, but it's also cool to see so many exotics in one place.

In fact, I don't think anybody has ever done a shoot where all the major supercars of the moment are driven together. You even have a Bentley GT and a G63 AMG, which is not surprising considering the Emirates are a huge market for both models.

Can you even imagine what it costs to service these monsters and keep them on the road? They must spend a cool million just on repairs, fuel and maintenance.

This whole madness with the supercars in white and green livery started in 2013, with a Bugatti Veyron, followed by the Aventador. They quickly moved to a BMW M6, an SLS AMG and an Aston Martin One-7, as all the time people were asking themselves "when is this going to stop?". But it never did.

They even have a few of the oddest vehicles in the world, like the Quadski, which is a cross between a quad and a jet ski, Segway's SR-3 three-wheeler and the Renault Twizy electric car. And all this to patrol a city that didn't exist when the automakers we mentioned were founded.

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