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The Moment a LSX Jeep Willys Blows Its Third V8 While Drag Racing

LSX-motivated incarnations of the Jeep Jeep Willys are a thing in the contemporary drag racing world, but V8 swaps don't always go as planned. Sure, everybody expects a blow engine from time to time, since that's only normal with such mechanical shenanigans, but the blow-type ordeal the owner of the LSX Jeep Willys in the video below has been going through recently is something special.
LSX Jeep Willys Blows Its Third V8 while Drag Racing 1 photo
The piece of footage at the bottom of the page shows this Jeep being used as its maker modifier intended it to, namely for pulling interestingly quick quarter mile passes.

Alas, the V8 under the hood decides to give up during one of the runs, with sparks and smoke arriving shortly. Perhaps this wouldn't have been so much of an issue if the lost engine hadn't been the third LSX that dies under the hood of this veteran offroader, all over the last few weeks - in fact, we showed you the previous engine-blowing episode in mid-April.

Despite the owner sticking to the all-motor philosophy, his Willys just seems to keep blowing these V8s. Truth be told, the guy enjoys getting junkyard motors for his oddball racecar and when you pay $500 for a V8 and then flog the hell out of it at the drag strip, this is what happens.

Even so, the driver of this Frankenstein is ready to keep on Jeep-ing, so we might just see the machine returning to the strip soon.

Speaking of which, we want to remind you why the 300 hp output (at the rear wheels) of these V8s is enough to make this Willys attention-worthy. It all has to do with the weight of the thing.

While this Jeep wasn't gifted with too many extras when it hit the battlefield during World War II, the owner made sure the car didn't weigh more than 1,900 lbs dry.

However, this build, with its Corbeau bucket seats (safety harness included), roll cage and wheelie bar, seems like an old man's car compared to other LSX Willys incarnations we've talked about in the past.

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