The Moment When a LaFerrari Overtakes an F12 TDF and a 911 GT3 RS on Spa

We've shown you multiple occasions on which limited production supercars or hypercars are being treated as garage queens for speculation purposes. Well, we are now here to bring you a special moment that sees three of the spiciest track-savvy toys money can buy today going all out on the track - this is basically the opposite of dooming your collectible octane monster to life behind garage doors.
LaFerrari Overtakes an F12 TDF and a 911 GT3 RS 1 photo
The image above, which is worth well north of a thousand words, shows a LaFerrari one-upping another Maranello creation, namely an F12 Tour de France, as well as a Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

The shenanigan took place on the Spa Francorchamps track and, as fans of the Belgian track have probably noticed by now, we're dealing with the La Source bend here.

The hairpin gave the LaF driver the perfect opportunity to overtake, with the other two drivers admittedly making things easy for the man controlling the monster hybrid.

Now, you might look at this brilliant image (lens tip to Frozenspeed for the pic) and be tempted to dismiss the machines in the background, but that would be a huge mistake. For one thing, the 769 hp F12 TdF is much closer to the 950 hp LaFerrari in terms of lap times than many people expect - when asked to lap the Prancing Horse's Fiorano track, the spiced-up F12 completed the task in 1 minute and 21 seconds, just 1.3 seconds behind Maranello's halo car.

And while the GT3 RS might be down on power compared to the pair of Fezzas seen here, the 500 hp Rennsport machine is pleasingly close in terms of track performance. For instance, if we take the UK's Silverstone (National Circuit), the GT3 RS can go round the track in 60 seconds, which places it 2.5 seconds behind the LaFerrari.

Regardless of what the chronograph has to say, all three machines are ready to deliver extreme sensations to their drivers and having them in the same frame is no small feat.


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