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The “Mini” Teardrop Camper Takes Inspiration From Classic American Designs
When people think of campers, RVs, and teardrop trailers, everyone begins to associate them with the American way of life. However, being a nomad is something that most people have in their blood, even Europeans. Here’s what they’re up to overseas.

The “Mini” Teardrop Camper Takes Inspiration From Classic American Designs

The Mini Teardrop CamperThe Mini Teardrop CamperThe Mini Teardrop CamperThe Mini Teardrop CamperThe Mini Teardrop CamperThe Mini Teardrop CamperThe Mini Teardrop CamperThe Mini Teardrop Camper
The Mini they call it, and it’s the work of Tiny Camper, a trailer designer and manufacturer out of Lithuania. Funny enough this manufacturer did draw inspiration for its products from classic American designs. That's why you get a feel of a classic 1930s trailer. The pursuit of freedom and love of the outdoors is another something else this team has in common with American cousins.

With those things in mind, you can now understand why the Mini looks so familiar. And that’s not all the similarity you’ll find in this vehicle. I recently wrote a piece about another teardrop camper, the Vistabule, and if you were to put the two side by side, you’d see the resemblance. You’ll find an image or two of the Vistabule in the gallery, just to see what I mean.

As it stands the Mini is actually mini. Coming in with an overall length of 4200 mm (165 in), and width of 2000 mm (78.7 in), this camper comes in with a standard weight of 620 kg (1,366 lbs) and allows for another 130 kg (286 lbs) to max load. Hopefully, another two adults can also fit on top of that load limit. If comment. Nonetheless, two adults and one child, is this campers limit, up to a 1000 kg (2,204 lbs) total.

Now, the Mini is completed using 1 mm (0.04 in) aluminum sheets on the roof, and 2 mm (0.08 in) aluminum composite to cover the sidewalls. Inside, the walls look as if they’re covered with some wood panels or sheets. This is most visible on the doors and interior walls of the living space. A feature included in the doors, are large porthole windows and strikingly similar to the Vistabule.

As it stands, Tiny Camper offers three options for the Mini, each one more decked out than the next. The least expensive option they offer Starts at €11,420 ($13,485 at current exchange rates) and the most expensive and equipped option comes in at €15,295 ($18,061 at current exchange rates), so right in the ballpark of other teardrop campers.

Just so you can get an idea of how Tiny Camper likes to roll, I’ll run through the most equipped option, the Exclusive. The interior of the camper is equipped with a queen mattress that can fold to transform into a lounge area and equipped with table and plenty of storage space overhead. USB, 12V, and 220V sockets are found throughout the towable, while a 50 Ah lithium-ion battery and intelligent meter runs appliances like the roof vent and thermostat, or the 3 in 1 fridge.

But the one feature you’ll be sure to enjoy is the kitchen. Again, you may see a design that seems familiar as the kitchen is found at the rear of the trailer and accessed by operating a hatch setup on air springs. Storage is the main attraction here and is suitable for more utensils than I currently own at home. A sink with water pump, two-stove gas cooker, and the fridge, all have their place here. Water is supplied by two 12-liter (3.17-gallon) tanks.

So far, the manufacturer’s website doesn’t show if any extra options are available, but if you feel like being creative, do so on your own. But, be warned, weight limits for this camper tell you that it’s meant for extended weekend trips and may not be able to handle the load of cargo needed for four or more days.

However, the design for the Mini is just right for the market it currently sells in, Europe. But it may not be long before you see this American-inspired teardrop camper parked in a driveway in your neighborhood.

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